Used Toyota Yaris IV (2020-present).  Learn about its pros and cons

Used Toyota Yaris IV (2020-present). Learn about its pros and cons

If one is looking for a modern, well-equipped and reliable city car, one should consider the Toyota Yaris. The hybrid version is perfect for the city, but also on the road it will be able to show its advantages, among others. good dynamics and low fuel consumption.

Most of the time, Toyota Yaris is used in urban areas such as side streets, multi-story parking lots, and near shopping malls. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to dents and scratches on the bodywork, which can cause a minor collision. In addition, it is worth examining the wheels carefully to see if they have any damage caused by contact with the curbs. In some copies, the eCall alarm system may not work properly, so it is worth contacting the Dealer to check if the copy needs a software update. Other than that, the Yaris IV is basically a new car with no known issues. The reliability of this car is very high.

On the day of publication, there were 170 listings for the Toyota Yaris IV on the popular car classifieds site. You will have to pay about PLN 80,000 for a copy from 2020 with a 1.5 VVT-i engine and low mileage. For a model with a hybrid car in the PREMIERE Edition version and with a mileage of about 25,000 km, you have to pay up to PLN 100,000.

Unfortunately, the prices of well-preserved copies are high, but the choice on the secondary market is wide and you can try to negotiate.

Advantages of used Toyota Yaris IV:

  • known for low fuel consumption, reliability and low maintenance costs;
  • the model scored 5 stars in Euro NCAP tests and offers various safety features;
  • despite its small dimensions, the interior of the Yaris provides plenty of space and comfort for passengers;
  • it has small dimensions, which enables operation in the city and parking;
  • attractive appearance and practical interior.

Disadvantages of used Toyota Yaris IV:

  • the car (except for the GR version) is not a sports car;
  • the prices of well-maintained copies are very high;
  • Tall users may complain about headroom.

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