Volkswagen presents the ID.3 GTX electric sports car

Volkswagen presents the ID.3 GTX electric sports car

Volkswagen ID.3 GTX is the new top of the frequency structure, stress of The power is available in two levelsstarting with the new engine in 210 kW (286 HP) version.

240 kW (326 hp) ID. 3 GTX Performance provides more power featuring the most powerful electric motors Volkswagen has ever delivered.

Both GTX versions transmit their power through the rear axle. And this is where the body and chassis construction setup stops: and its new battery of 79 kWh (net). Arranged in a sandwich floor especially in the middle of the car, offers low center of gravity, usually sports, with perfect distribution of the load on the axles. From an aesthetic point of view, the GTX models are characterized by dedicated interiors and exteriors with extended standard equipment. Additionally, when GTX starts, the array will start with ga completely new generation of infotainment. The market launch of ID.3 GTX and ID.3 GTX Performance is planned for this year.

Electric GT charm

Volkswagen presents the ID.3 GTX electric sports carKai Grünitz, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Technical Development of the Volkswagen brand announces:

I believe that, with its optional and distinctive electric transmission, the new ID.3 GTX Performance presents itself as the electronic equivalent of our exclusive sports compact: the Golf GTI Clubsport. Naturally, the difference between electric traction and turbo petrol is huge. Yet the ID.3 Performance GTX and the Golf GTI Clubsport share the same impressive agility that accelerates. Two modern sports cars made by Volkswagen. Grünitz adds: With the ID.3 GTX, Volkswagen transfers the iconic charm of its compact GT models to the world of e-mobility, where driving pleasure and sustainability form a completely new alliance.

79 kWh battery with 175 kW charging power

The ID.3 GTX boasts newly introduced efficiency training that also powers the next-generation ID.4 and ID.5, as well as the new ID.7: and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PSM) type APP550. The uniqueness of the ID.3 GTX is that the engine is offered not only in the 210 kW variant, but also in the new 240 kW. At both power levels, the electric motor develops a maximum torque of 545 Nmthus exceeding the operating power of the most powerful Volkswagen V6 turbo engines.

Volkswagen presents the ID.3 GTX electric sports carThe GTX and GTX Performance engines accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.0 and 5.6 max seconds respectively (theoretical values), giving the ID.3 a significant upgrade. The maximum speed is limited by electricity to 180 (in GTX) and 200 km / h (in GTX Performance). These engines are powered by a 79 kWh (net) lithium-ion battery, which in DC fast charging stations record current absorption up to 175 kW (theoretical value). With this power, the battery can be charged from 10 to 80% in about 26 minutes (theoretical value). According to estimates, the combined WLTP autonomy of the ID.3 GTX will reach approximately 600 kilometers (theoretical value).


The new ID.3 GTX differs from all other models in the range in one way special exterior design. Special GTX front bumpers are equipped with a new feature black air intake, with a diamond pattern. On the left and right, the bumper is bordered by new elements in the afternoon: are two overlapping LED triangles which, together, have the appearance of an arrowhead and which from now on will be part of the distinctive signs of all new GTX models. The same applies to the newly designed sills and the new lower part of the tail and diffuser. Also new are the standard 20″ Skagen alloy wheels. In keeping with the GTX style, the wheels have black-painted inner surfaces and clear, mirror-polished outer surfaces. On request, a 20″ Skagen GTX rim will be available for completely black color.

Internal affairs

Volkswagen presents the ID.3 GTX electric sports carMany GTX-specific features are also included in the interior of the ID.3 GTX. Premium sports seats as standard (in fabric and eco-leather) emphasize the character of the most powerful ID.3 games thanks to their ergonomic adjustment, red decorative stitching and perforated GTX text on the front backs. Special ergoActive seats in GTX design are also available on request. In this case, the seats are decorated with dark microfibre ArtVelours Eco and are characterized by external surfaces covered with high fabric or eco-leather. The red color is combined with GTX lettering on the backrests. The front seats of this type can be adjusted electrically. Additionally, the sports multifunction steering wheel of all GTX versions includes red stitching, as well as the use of a red bottom plate on the steering wheel and integrated GTX chrome text. The cockpit is also in a special GTX style.

New news with ChatGPT

In line with the start of the new GTX models, the ID.3 series has been improved with nA new cockpit with a completely revised infotainment system: The new generation is actually characterized by a large touch screen (12.9″) and a new intuitive menu design. Additionally, the automatic transmission selector lever has been removed from the revised Digital Cockpit area and replaced with a separate control lever (as in the ID.7, for example). In this way it is possible to save space for a large infotainment display. Another new feature is IDA’s new voice assistant, which can be controlled through native language and not only allows control of many car functions, but also responds in a targeted way to questions on any topic thanks to access to online databases such as Wikipedia and, for the first time, the integration of ChatGPT (artificial intelligence) . A new feature for the range is the Wellness program, with which it is possible to adjust various functions of the car through pre-configured programs to ensure the highest level of comfort while driving or charging.

Source: Volkswagen Italy