Volkswagen: The new VW boss is committed to electric power

Volkswagen: The new VW boss is committed to electric power

The future CEO of the Volkswagen Group, Oliver Blume, has once again spoken out in support of so-called e-fuels. The goals of the Paris climate agreement cannot be reached by electricity alone, he told “Automobilwoche” on Tuesday.

Electronic fuel is fuel made for gasoline or diesel engines that produces less harmful emissions to the environment than conventional fuel.

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E-fuel is a smart addition to electricity, said Blume, who is also the head of Porsche. Even decades from now, there will still be cars with internal combustion engines. With synthetic fuel, these vehicles can contribute to the rapid reduction of CO2.

Blume’s predecessor at Volkswagen (VW), Herbert Diess, had rejected electronic fuels because of their poor efficiency and criticized the high energy consumption during production. Critics argue against synthetic oils that their production requires a lot of energy and is therefore very expensive and ineffective. In addition, unlike electric cars, cars emit climate-damaging CO2 when burning e-fuels.

A few weeks ago there were claims that Blume, as the boss of Porsche, is said to be lobbying Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) with a union agreement with the traffic light union. In addition to the plan to allow only CO2 neutral vehicles in Europe from 2035, the agreement also includes a commitment to electric power. The FDP and Porsche had rejected the allegations.

For several months, the VW Porsche and Audi brands have also been linked to entering Formula 1. From 2026, racing cars will also be running there with synthetic fuel.

DER AKTIONÄR remains bullish on Volkswagen stock. The company is in a good position in digitization and electromobility.

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