Volvo FM with Fransen Gerrits’ artistic anniversary trailer •

Volvo FM with Fransen Gerrits’ artistic anniversary trailer •

Fransen Gerrits from Erp, a cattle nutritionist in the south of the Netherlands, at 125 years old, has no age. A few months ago, the new Volvo FM was added to the fleet and the big memory ‘miniature’ truck went into service.

Fransen Gerrits received the keys to a new Volvo FM 460pk 4×2 tractor a few months ago. It is now the fourth Volvo FM for the company, but the first of a new generation. Geert-Jan van den Bosch, fleet manager at Fransen Gerrits, explains: “The Volvo FM is the ideal truck for regional mass transport. The new cabin and the new powertrain made us decide to choose the Volvo FM again. Furthermore, we are very satisfied with service provided by BAS Truck Centre.

Safety and reliability are top priorities at Fransen Gerrits. That’s why the new Volvo FM has the pro Appearance Package and the Active Safety package, which includes Forward Collision Warning with Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Assist and Driver Alert Assist. The trucks are scheduled every day and the production in the factories continues non-stop. There must be continuous output, otherwise the factory will shut down. That is why workshop service is so important. Geert-Jan van den Bosch: “For this reason, we schedule our trucks for preventive maintenance twice a year. If the unexpected happens, the BAS Truck Center can easily respond with a loaner tractor with a blower pump. This will be placed in front of the trailer and everything can continue to drive.”

Maurice and Willem, two regular drivers who drive the new Volvo FM, are pleasantly surprised by the new Volvo FM: “We experienced the first months we drove the truck as very positive. With 460hp we have extra power compared to our previous truck and the shifting is very smooth. of Volvo Power ensures that we can easily drive on the narrow driveways in the farm and ensure that there is an attractive road. In addition, the new cabin is very spacious.

Huub Fransen, director and co-owner of Fransen Gerrits BV: “Our many trucks are our pride and an important business card for the company. That’s why we’ve had one of our many trucks transformed into a true work of art especially for the 125th anniversary! The futuristic design of this unique anniversary truck is an innovative reflection of the company and the industry and brings the past and the present together. The innovation marks 125 years of entrepreneurship”.

Visual artist Ringo Mollinger designed and produced this exciting work of art. The end result? A unique, artistic and colorful creation. The mobile work of art is ready to cover many kilometers in all kinds of weather and provide fodder especially for pigs, pigs and fattening pigs.