Volvo is cheaper in Poland.  The Swedes reduced the price by 65,000 PLN and that’s not all

Volvo is cheaper in Poland. The Swedes reduced the price by 65,000 PLN and that’s not all

Volvo XC60 wins the hearts of the Polish people drivers. It is the most popular model in the payment segment. From the beginning of the year to the end of July, more than 3.1 thousand people were registered in the communication departments. parts of the Swedish SUV. This is almost 1,000 units more than the BMW 3 Series and 1,200 units better than the Audi Q5.

The XC60 follows a small class Volvo XC40 (1,630 units), which surpassed the largest model in the range, the XC90 (814 units).

Volvo offers reduced prices with VAT, fast delivery times and a price guarantee

Now Volvo he wants to increase sales bars and cuts price selected versions XC60, XC40 and XC90 for VAT. The company also guarantees that the price will not change from the time of placing the order to the time of pickup. In addition, the Swedes promise to deliver in 2022, and this may turn out to be a stronger argument than the discount. Especially that with today’s problems with the availability of cars from other manufacturers, you have to wait more than a year for the procedure to be completed in the showroom. What? what is the price of three under the swedish flag?

Volvo XC60, XC40 and XC90 / Volvo

Volvo XC60 cheap for 45 thousand. PLN, gasoline or diesel engine?

Volvo XC60 until the end of August, it is offered at a reduced price to PLN 45,200. Discount applies to Plus Bright, Plus Dark and Ultimate editions. Plus Bright version equipment includes: electrically adjustable seat the driver and passenger, 19-inch alloy wheels, premium interior lighting package, leather upholstery and chrome details on the exterior.

In the case of the most expensive versions of the XC60, the discount will be even greater – even 18.7 percent. from price base. This offer applies to models powered by hybrid subsystem, namely versions:

  • B4 (petrol engine 197 hp + 14 hp electric),
  • B5 (gasoline engine 250 hp + 14 hp electric),
  • B6 AWD (300 hp petrol engine + 14 hp electric)
  • B4 AWD (197 hp diesel engine + 14 hp of electricity),
  • B5 AWD (diesel engine 235 + 14 HP electric).

Volvo XC60, XC40 and XC90 / Volvo

Volvo XC60 and XC90 / Volvo

Volvo XC40 price excluding VAT

Volvo XC40 T2 Essential with a manual gearbox, it is available for PLN 137,300, which means a discount of PLN 22,400. The T2 version is powered by a 122 HP petrol engine. The standard includes, among others, 17-inch alloy wheels, LED lights and reversing sensors. The car also has an array of safety systems. August share The Swedish discount also applies to other equipment versions of the XC40 with mild hybrid engines.

Volvo XC60, XC40 and XC90 / Volvo

Volvo XC90 and XC60 / Volvo

XC90 cheap for 65 thousand. PLN, is it the last call for diesel Volvo?

Finally, the largest SUV of the Swedish brand, which is almost 5 meters long Volvo XC90. VAT reduced prices apply to all offers from Plus Bright and above. Thus, PLN 65,400 can be left in your pocket, and even more in the case of more expensive types.

Finally, one more news – some will find it bad, others will be happy. Volvo will replace the XC90 completely this year A new electric SUV equipped with improved lithium-ion batteries. This is the result of a strategy that assumes that the Swedish company’s range of electric vehicles will include half of the offer by 2025, and all from 2030. Volvo’s Recharge Concept gives a glimpse of upcoming models.

Volvo Concept Recharge / Newspress

Volvo Concept Recharge / Newspress

Volvo / Volvo Concept Recharge

Volvo XC60, XC40 and XC90 / Volvo