VW Group: Small electric cars will be built in Spain from the end of 2025

VW Group: Small electric cars will be built in Spain from the end of 2025

The Volkswagen Group wants to produce small electric cars at the Spanish Martorell plant from the end of 2025. It starts with the Raval from Seat’s sister brand Cupra. The Spanish subsidiary announced this as part of an update to its battery assembly plant.

“In the following months” the ID.2 from the VW brand will also be built in Martorell, while an SUV based on the ID.2 – perhaps the ID.2 X – and the Epiq from Skoda will be built in Navarra. Recently it was said that the VW ID.2 should cross the assembly line from “early 2026”.

Volkswagen announced the assembly of batteries at the Seat Martorell plant near Barcelona in July 2023. In addition to replacing the plant itself, 300 million euros would be invested to build its own battery assembly center on 64,000 square meters for the upcoming small electric cars and crossovers from the plant Spain. The battery complex in Martorell is close to the production hall where the Raval and ID.2 will be manufactured. The cells will come from Volkswagen’s battery plant in Sagunt near Valencia, which has been under construction since March 2023.

The Cupra Raval will roll off the assembly line in Spain from the end of 2025

According to Seat, the battery assembly center will have an initial capacity of 1,400 battery systems per day, which will be transferred directly to the assembly lines of the new electric vehicles through a 600-meter-long conveyor system. The company does not say how the ramp -up is organized quickly.

Seat gave an update on the occasion of the visit of the King of Spain Felipe VI. at the construction site of the battery factory. “We offer what is needed to make electrification accessible to the masses: affordable, attractive cars and high-quality batteries,” said VW brand boss Thomas Schäfer, who, as head of the Core brand group, is also a member. of the group’s board of directors and the board of directors of Viti chairmen. “Our goal is to make electric mobility possible for everyone! In this regard, the continued support of the Spanish government is essential. And we call on Europe to stick to electric mobility as the main way to make the Green Deal a reality.

“Three years ago we made a big promise: to electrify Seat SA and put Spain on electric wheels. This time we have worked hard to achieve this goal and the new factory is the best proof that we are on the right track,” said Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Seat and Cupra. “We keep our promises: we invest, we develop new electric cars and transform our factories. Our commitment to electrification and carbon reduction is clear, and now we need a similar commitment from the Spanish government.