VW T3 B32 with Porsche engine for approximately 365,000 euros

VW T3 B32 with Porsche engine for approximately 365,000 euros

It is said that 10 VW T3 models with Porsche engine have been developed. Now one is for sale. At a higher price.

Because the Porsche VW T3 pilot support vehicles were very slow in the 1980s, the more powerful Bullis were built without further ado, using a 3.2-liter boxer from Carrera. There are different figures for the number of cars built. But it should not be more than ten copies. And since they were no longer running like a VW, but like real Porsches, the T3 B32 should be one of the rare models from Zuffenhausen.

Bulli from the former Porsche boss

One of them is now offered for sale through the mobile internet platform. From the official dealer of Porsche – Porsche Centrum Gelderland in the Netherlands. Yes offered T3 B32 comes with the first registration from 1988, hand shipping and 130,770 miles. The original Porsche chassis number is also on board. The model, which was built in 1985 and has a pearl white color, was once owned by Porsche CEO Peter W. Schutz and continues with its new owner and German papers.

However, he would have to take care of painting and have the door panels re-installed. But that will be possible if you are willing to offer a purchase price of 364,900 euros. For now you will get two new Porsche 911 GT3s for that, but no other T3 B32.

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231 hp from a 3.2 liter Carrera engine with a top speed of 185 km / h do not necessarily knock your socks. In the 1980s, this combination in the VW T3 was quite a hit. Today, the original T3 B32 Porsche models are quite taxable items. One of them is now wanted.