We test: Mercedes GLA – compact compact (PHOTOS)

We test: Mercedes GLA – compact compact (PHOTOS)

Until a few years ago, the Mercedes A-Class resembled an unfortunate teenager with bad posture. Last year, however, it changed beyond recognition, and from now on you can also buy it as a city crossover.

We test: Mercedes GLA – a small child that grew in muscle

In 1997, Mercedes, famous for the production of stable and comfortable cars, presented a controversial and small car. With this instead of the front driven rear. This is how class A was created. As a small city car, the model never did well because of its high price.

Therefore, in 2013, Germany began to sell its third generation, which in terms of dimensions, equipment and design more closely resembles the cars of the C segment. The newest child of Stuttgart engineers is called the GLA and is a city-resistant version of the A new. – Class. It completes the gap in the Mercedes range, which also wants to make a mark in the city crossover class.

Drive smart

Although in style the Mercedes GLA resembles a small off-roader, in the basic version it is equipped with front-wheel drive. The front suspension is a MacPherson strut and wishbone model. For better handling, a system with transverse and longitudinal requirements was used at the back. In this configuration, the car is especially suitable for smooth driving on paved roads. It can also cope with rural deserts. But it is difficult to talk about off-road property. Yes, the higher average clearance protects the undercarriage and engine from damage, but driving in slick, wet terrain can result in a call for roadside assistance with a winch.