What are the quality problems?  For Tesla, the cracked floor is a “cosmetic fault”

What are the quality problems? For Tesla, the cracked floor is a “cosmetic fault”

According to “Auto Bild”, the situation of Tesla in Germany does not seem to be good, because the owners of these cars still encounter quality defects. And it is not the point, because in two cases it is about … leather floor! One customer was already shocked by the discovery of this defect, but it was Tesla’s response that really upset him. Then he decided to take the case to court.

A cracked floor plate? Tesla: We will paint!

The floor problem on the Tesla Model 3 was discovered during a tire change. When the vulcanizer took the customer’s car, it turned out that the chassis was badly cracked. “Auto Bild” reached the media reports, according to which Tesla service offered “repair” in the form of painting on the gaps in the damaged components.

Photo: Auto Bild

The defect appeared when the tires were replaced

It was very difficult for the owner of the Model 3, so he filed a complaint against the manufacturer at the Munich District Court. An expert witness was responsible for examining the chassis and giving an assessment. The decision made after the inspection left no illusions – this 3rd model will not pass the next technical test in this state.!

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Two lawsuits against Tesla in one court

As it turns out, this is not the only case of a cracked floor plate reported in Germany in the Model 3. Well, another case about this defect was pending (and still pending) in the same court. In addition to the cracks in the chassis, the driver of this car also reported that his new car arrived “torn, distorted and with various shades of paint on the body”.

What about Tesla? According to the brand, these are “cosmetic mistakes”. Unfortunately, the appraiser who looked at the Model 3 had a different opinion. According to his assessment, the car’s floor plate was damaged. Again, there would be a problem with getting positive results from regular TÜV tests.

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Both cases are yet to be sentenced. However, if the Munich court decides in favor of the owners, Tesla will most likely have to provide them with new, defect-free cars. Currently, the American company does not comment on this in any way.