What do we like about the DS 7 Crossback?  Performance after two years of use |  French.pl

What do we like about the DS 7 Crossback? Performance after two years of use | French.pl

The DS 7 Crossback has been with us for two years. 60,000 kilometers appeared on the car’s odometer. Was it a good choice?

Our DS 7 Crossback has a 1.6 PureTech petrol engine with 180 HP. There is enough strength for such a body, even with a load. Reasonable fuel consumption, which goes down to 6 liters on fast roads, quiet operation, and good dynamics are the main advantages of this car. By meeting the latest Euro standards, the engine will not be an obstacle to enter the clean areas of transport. The car was fixed from scratch Michelin Crossclimate 2 all-season tiresstability and adapted to various surface conditions.

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The appearance of the car is its strong point. The body is still standing outside in the street and is pleasing to the eye. In our case, the paint color is black, which requires the least involvement in cleaning, which is helped by the ceramic coating applied. The silhouette is classic, elegant, and a careful eye will see the characteristic elements of French design and stylistic touches that make the whole body come alive and not just another piece of metal produced with precision. This distinguishes the DS 7 Crossback from the boring and mixed silhouettes of Audi, BMW or Mercedes, or the highly designed Lexus, which combines various stylistic elements that do not fit together and attract with poor beauty.

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If the exterior is elegant, the interior is always beautiful. It is not only very comfortable, spacious and made of high quality materials (leather, steel), but also has its own unique style. We have written many times about a project that combines art and craft. After two years of driving, you don’t get bored – and there’s something about it that evokes emotions and gives you the feeling of finding a unique project. Sophistication, your own style, uniqueness, standing out – these words perfectly describe the interior of the DS 7 Crossback.

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The suspension of the DS 7 in the version we have (without active shock absorption) is focused on comfort. It is not and will not be a sports car, although you can drive it fast and powerful, but you must remember that it is still an SUV with all the characteristics of such a body. Driving is a pleasure, the car gives a feeling of control and security, and at the same time it does not shake over every pothole like many competing models. It should be comfortable, pleasant and unhurried – you don’t want to go down.

Summary The Frenchman managed to create a unique and attractive car, although it will not be an option for everyone. And this is perhaps the biggest advantage of DS 7, its uniqueness.

Our overall assessment of the DS 7 Crossback is very good. The car has no problems – we carry out inspections every 20,000 km, we have a 5-year service contract, so we do not incur additional maintenance costs.

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