What?  How much do you know about the Audi brand?

What? How much do you know about the Audi brand?

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From: Sebastian Oppenheimer

What? Do you know what the four Audi rings mean? You can test your knowledge of the Ingolstadt car manufacturer in our quiz.

Most people associate one thing with the city of Ingolstadt: Audi. The car manufacturer has its headquarters there – more than 42,000 people are employed by the manufacturer. Many fans of the brand with four rings also visit the headquarters of the Museum Phone, where you can get a picture of the history of the manufacturer. For a long time, Audi was considered a boring bourgeois brand, but the development of the quattro wheel drive brought a change in the image. Today, Audi, like Mercedes, BMW or Porsche, is one of the so-called first brands. How well do you know the brand? You can test your knowledge in our ten question quiz.

Test your brand knowledge: Do you know the car manufacturer Audi well?

Were you able to answer most of the questions correctly? Maybe even all ten? Then we congratulate. Otherwise, maybe try again. If you are also interested in other manufacturers, you can also try our general car brand test.

Four rings: the world famous logo of the car manufacturer Audi. © Future Image/Imago

Audi fans around the world – interesting copies and conversions

There are even fans of the Audi brand who create cars that the manufacturer never built: in the Netherlands, someone converted a Seat Alhambra into an Audi car. And only in Europe there are many who are passionate about the brand with four rings: In China, hobbyists recently built a large Audi SUV from scrap metal. The XXL replica of the Audi Q5 can actually drive, as the video shows.

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What many probably didn’t notice: Audi updated its rings logo not long ago. However, only by trick. Because big changes can sometimes backfire: Kia, for example, got a new symbol some time ago – but unfortunately many people don’t read “Kia” in it, but “KN”.