Why will the new Dacia Duster 3rd generation be popular for sales?  The beneficiaries are customers of Skoda, Toyota and Kia brands  French.pl

Why will the new Dacia Duster 3rd generation be popular for sales? The beneficiaries are customers of Skoda, Toyota and Kia brands French.pl

The new 3rd generation Dacia Duster is on the way. Orders will open soon and the Polish price list will appear, but in the meantime, interest in the new model is still very high.

Dacia Duster was shown for the first time in 2010. I perfectly remember the moment when the premiere models appeared in Poland and the editorial office of Francuskie.pl published their first photos. I was impatiently waiting for the cars to show up in the showrooms so I could see them. It was a complete success, a complete SUV for PLN 39,900. The low base price shocked the competition, who didn’t fully understand how cars could be sold so cheaply.

The first reason – generational change

The year 2010 attracted so many people – and today no one remembers these storms in showrooms – that the factory could not withstand. A wave of sales began a year later, when 134,000 copies entered the market! The second wave of interest in Duster was seen with the arrival of the second generation model in 2019. This is clearly reflected in the statistics, record annual sales of 220,000 units! Then came COVID-19 and everything came to a standstill.

Dacia Duster – sales in 2010-2022

What do Dacia Duster sales look like in 2010-2022?

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We are now in 2024 and the market has clearly recovered. Many people are waiting to buy the new model, although the brand has started the development of Dacia Flex, in other words. Anyone who buys a Duster now will be able to easily replace it with a new model.

The second reason – the end of the service life of the original units

Dacia Duster III appears when cars purchased between 2015 and 2019 reach mileage that owners start thinking about replacing them. Some people are ending their 5 year warranty and are already looking for a new offer. They are generally satisfied with Dacia, so it is a natural choice. According to research, 5 to 7 years is the limit for most customers.

That’s at least tens of thousands of additional orders, if not more!

The third reason – new customers from other brands. Skoda, Kia and Toyota

Dacia has changed a lot and is expanding its customer base. Now the target is not only people who were looking for a cheap car. On the contrary, the generation of Duster III can easily compete – and in some ways is better – with brands such as Toyota, Skoda or Kia. Just look at the body design or the interior, there is really little left of the budget car.

The Dacia has excellent features, holds its price well and has a very good ratio of purchase costs to capacity. These are important advantages, and if we add the economical and refined combination, we basically have a complete set.

Dacia Duster III – when will the orders open with the Polish price list?

Finally, the main question remains – when will orders and the Polish price list open? The brand promises that it will be at the end of March 2024. The reason for the delay is quite obvious, it is the desire to sell as many cars as possible in showrooms, that’s why there is an offer with a discount of PLN 7,500.

The first Dusters should arrive in Poland at the beginning of May and June. It will be a big hit!

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