Winner Innova Classic Confiserie Napoleon;  ‘We’ve refreshed the range and attracted new users’

Winner Innova Classic Confiserie Napoleon; ‘We’ve refreshed the range and attracted new users’

RESKENS – The confectionery market is very competitive, try and score there. By recognizing the consumer’s needs (even if they don’t know them yet) and by continuing to innovate, Confiserie Napoleon manages to win the Innova Classic twice. Business manager Bob Ruts and marketing and product manager Jamila Knoope: “We will continue to support all creatives with various marketing policies, including advertising, samples and social networks.”

What ingredients are needed to win the Innova Classic?
“In order to be successful and fit in the competitive environment and win the Innova Classic, it is important that the product meets the (latent) need of the user. Napoleon licorice & fruit duo responds to the trend of combining the well-known types of licorice with sweet fruit flavors. This combination appeals to the younger user and attracts a new customer to Napoleon. Anta Flu Honey and Lemon responds to trends in more natural products, is suitable for vegetarians and combines the caring qualities of honey with the fresh taste of lemon.”

What role does creativity play in the category?
“With the Napoleon brand, we are in a very competitive confectionery segment. We have a good position on the shelves here with a unique range of hard confectionery filled with amazing powder. The combination of licorice and fruit was already known in soft confectionery, but not yet available in hard confectionery.By introducing this, we have refreshed the range and attracted new consumers.
Anta’s flu brand represents nutritious and refreshing throat pastilles that provide great value to the consumer. Homa Ya Anta is the market leader in the throat care segment. It is constantly launching new flavors to innovate and maintain this role.

What is your strategy for having these products on the shelves in four years?
“For Napoleon licorice & fruit duo it is important to continue to support the Napoleon brand and individual taste. Continuous innovation is important in the candy industry, to continue to surprise consumers and stimulate impulse purchases. We will continue to support the Napoleon drop & fruit duo group with promotions, samples and through social media. By using Anta flu honey and lemon we show that we are on the right track to make it permanent on the shelves. The product is very relevant to consumer trends. We will continue to support it with different marketing policies , including promotion and activation on the shop floor, sampling and social media.

Remy Breed
Category Manager Plus

“Napoleon has managed to add the right flavor to the range with the duo of licorice and fruit. It certainly started to sell well for Plus after also being part of the Plus Shopping Package in 2020/2021.

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