World Cup decision without Hans Weber and Luca Bauer / Ice Speedway GP

World Cup decision without Hans Weber and Luca Bauer / Ice Speedway GP

Will Martin Haarahiltunen become world champion for the third time in a row? Can Max Niedermaier win a World Cup medal? There is excitement ahead of the season finale in Heerenveen (NL).

The decision at the Ice Speedway World Championship 2024 will be made at the Thialf Ice Arena in Heerenveen after the first World Cup marks are released in Inzell before Easter. At the heart of the battle for the World Cup title is Max Niedermaier, who won in Inzell on Saturday and also qualified for the final on the second day of racing, but came fourth there.

At the World Cup break, the Bavarian is level on points with Finn Aki Ala-Riihimäki, just two points behind pole vaulter Martin Haarahiltunen, who collected 36 World Cup points and two second places in Inzell. In fourth place, Finn Heikki Huusko is still within striking distance of the World Cup leaders and can enter the championship fight in Heerenveen with a good result.

The Germans Luca Bauer and Hans Weber will no longer be able to intervene in the fight for points and positions. Bauer crashed during practice in Inzell and with a heavy heart had to withdraw from the race at his home ground and was also unable to start in Heerenveen.

Hans Weber, who could no longer take part in the first day of the Inzell race after a crash in race 14, also canceled the race at the same time. Bauer was replaced by Dutchman Sebastian Reitsma, who is now replaced by Maximilian Niedermaier via wildcard. Benedikt Monn enters Weber’s list.

The day before the 3rd and 4th races of the World Cup there will be the Roelof Thijs Cup race on Friday evening, where Maximilian Niedermaier, Benedikt Monn and Marc Geyer from Germany will start and Reinhard Greisel will also be available as a reserve. .

World Championship standings after 2 of 4 races:
1. Martin Haarahiltunen (S), 36 points
2. Aki Ala-Riihimäki (FIN), 34
3. Max Niedermaier (D), 34
4. Heikki Huusko (FIN), 32
5. Franz Zorn (A), 21
6. Stefan Svensson (S), 21
7. Markus Jell (D), 20
8. Jimmy Hörnell Lidvalk (S), 18
9. Max Koivula (FIN), 18
10. Jimmy Olsen (S), 13
11. Jasper Iwema (NL), 11
12. Charlie Ebner (A), 9
13. Andrej Divis (CZ), 8
14. Hans Weber (D), 7
15. Christoph Kirchner (D), 4
16. Franz Mayerbüchler (D), 3
17. Benedikt Monn (D), 3
18. Maximilian Niedermaier (D), 0