10 of the best things to do in Toronto this week (March 27-31)

10 of the best things to do in Toronto this week (March 27-31)

This week, Toronto reigns as a bustling hub of unparalleled activity and sensational attractions! From art shows to comedy gigs, here are the Ten Ultimate Things to Do in the City of Toronto from March 27th to March 31st!

1. Revel in the sights and sounds of the Toronto International Spring Beer Festival! Sample a plethora of craft beers from all over the world, and enjoy live bands, DJs, and other entertainment!

2. Delight in the captivating creations of the Toronto International Digital Arts Expo! Gaze upon a vast array of digital artworks, photography, and video installations!

3. Laugh out loud at the Best of the Toronto Comedy Scene! Enjoy the comedic stylings of some of the city’s best stand-up comedians!

4. Thrill to the spectacle of the Toronto International Dance Festival! Featuring dancers from around the world, this is a show you won’t want to miss!

5. Marvel at the wonders of the Toronto International Film Festival! From world premieres to classic favorites, this event has something for everyone!

6. Groove to the beats of the Toronto International Reggae Festival! Enjoy live performances from some of the best reggae acts around!

7. Soar to new heights at the Toronto International Highline Festival! Watch as daredevils traverse a highline between two buildings!

8. Feast your eyes on the masterpieces at the Toronto International Art Show! Local and international artists showcase their unique talents in this celebration of the arts!

9. Relish the flavors of the Toronto International Food Festival! Sample dishes from all over the world, and be sure to stay for the cooking demonstrations!

10. Take in the sights of the Toronto International Festival of Lights! This dazzling display of light and color is sure to leave you in awe!

With such a wide variety of exciting events, it’s easy to see why Toronto is the place to be this week! So don’t wait – come experience the city’s sights, sounds, and flavors for yourself!