Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 2023, the supercar is about to arrive

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 2023, the supercar is about to arrive

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 2023 is about to arrive. There a small version of the best sports car of A snakeafter the introduction of Brussels Motor Show and 1967 33 Stradale exhibition who winked at the new style, is in launch pad.

The legacy, if it will be as it seems, is very heavy. But the signs are there: 33 Stradale, a pearl designed by Frank ScaglioneWhat was he doing in Belgium? Tonal, Stelvio And Giulia rate?

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 2023 will be completely unique

It is created individually, on its own 18 samples produced, strange note, he did not need this step. If not to introduce a new style, it was expected several times by CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato.

Taking a cue from two gems from years past. What a wonder 8C Competition of 2007 and the most pure 4C of 2013.

Jean Philippe Imparato talks about his Alfa Romeo - 1

There Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 2023 as we call it, it will be done in a series of just a few examples. A few dozen, a big dream car, the latter with a heat enginebefore the electric age that will be completed 2027.

“Source” can be good Maserati MC20 and its fantastic carbon shape and body function. With its incredible V6 Neptune, 3 liters that go up to 630 horsepower. The style, with such a tailpin and with such expectations, should be one that makes you take off your hat.

Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale 1967
Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale from 1967 winner of the 2018 Villa d’Este Elegance Championship

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Last modified: 25 January 2023

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