Alfa Romeo: a new idea to improve its range

Alfa Romeo: a new idea to improve its range

Alfa Romeo in the coming years it will improve its range with many new models including sedans and sports cars. About the future of Biscione car manufacturer that the Stellantis group wants to transform into an international quality brand, many speculate about the future cars. The last case is that of the designer and the digital artist Ulises Morales who thought in giving what could be the appearance of a luxury sedan of the future from the Milanese car manufacturer which, however, has the usual characteristics of a crossover.

On the web imagined a futuristic luxury sedan from Alfa Romeo that winks at crossovers

In fact, the author of the publication says that this imagined car has the appearance of an SUV with a large interior space and. 4 passengers which can be very good. The car is obviously thought of as a unique combination of luxury, design, performance and durability. technology of Alfa Romeo.

We remember that in the next few years the Milanese car manufacturer intends to launch on the market new flag which Alfa Romeo’s number one, managing director Jean-Philippe Learned he said that it will not be a real SUV but maybe a sedan or in any case something between a sedan and a crossover. However, the design of this model is still not defined as its debut is not expected before 2027 and therefore there is still time.

So we will see what news will come about this awaited car in the next few years and if it has already arrived 2023 other hints will arrive at one of the most anticipated models among those announced by the Italian car maker’s executives about the immediate future.

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