Alfa Romeo Giulia: retro body kit by ErreErre Fuoriserie

Alfa Romeo Giulia: retro body kit by ErreErre Fuoriserie

Alfa Romeo ErreErre retro kit
Convert a new Giulia into an old one – don’t

ErreErre Fuoriserie has launched body kits for the Alfa Giulia. What looks a bit like Lego Technic should bring to mind the Giulia of the 1960s.

As we know, the design of their cars is sacred to Alfisti. So it is quite possible that at this very moment, as you read these lines, an angry mob of exorcists is on its way to Turin. That’s where ErreErre Fuoriserie is, which has now released a retro body kit for the current Giulia. And that takes at least some getting used to.

Julia has gained weight

The idea, however, is quite recognizable. The angular body is said to be reminiscent of the Giulia Tipo 105 from the 1960s. But good intentions don’t mean good. The redesigned Giulia looks like it’s been squeezed into a tight fitting costume designed by a Lego product designer. It is not surprising, since the current generation has long surpassed the number of historical examples. Oldie was 1.56 meters wide, 1.43 meters long and 4.19 meters high. The modern Giulia, on the other hand, is 1.87 meters wide, 1.45 meters long and 4.65 meters tall.

RuatasioPX / Patrick Lang

The body kit is made entirely of carbon.

Around 5,000 hours of design development should be reflected in the carbon package. The provider’s website says: “Our main goal is to combine Italian craftsmanship with the most modern design and construction techniques.” There is also talk of ambition and courage. We’d sign up for the latter without question. Cool detail: ErreErre Fuoriserie borrows the rear lights from the Mercedes G-Class. After all, the interior and the engine compartment remain untouched. Of course, under the idiosyncratic clothing is the 510 hp Quadrifoglio variant of the Giulia. Whether a series production is planned remains unknown at this time. If Alfisti’s exorcists arrive in time to break the molds, it will probably remain a distant one. You can find out what the original style looks like in our photo gallery.

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Turin company ErreErre Fuorieserie has developed a retro body kit for the current Alfa Romeo Giulia. The look should be reminiscent of the historic model, the Giulia Tipo 105 from the glory days of the brand. The attempt to connect the current style of personality with the great history is commendable. But, as is often the case, whether this was successful is in the eye of the beholder.