Alonso stays in Aston Martin, Verstappen can breathe

Alonso stays in Aston Martin, Verstappen can breathe

Fernando Alonso will not go to Red Bull, the storm was around the corner: Max Verstappen breathes a sigh of relief

At Red Bull, considering the upcoming Formula 1 season, there are big and important changes at all levels.

Alonso’s storm at Red Bull: Verstappen’s chaos (LaPresse) –

We often talk about the possibility that the designer Adrian Neweythe mind behind Red Bull’s miracle of recent years that allowed Max Verstappen to win three drivers’ world championships, could join Ferrari from 2025.

The Prancing Horse has already secured the signature of Lewis Hamilton who, together with Leclerc, will try to interrupt the dominance of the Team managed by Chris Horner. Likewise the ‘trouble’ within the Milton Keynes company speaks emphatically of one the real possibility that Max Verstappen will leave Red Bull. Also Sergio Perez, whose term expires at the end of 2024, is currently far from the possibility of renewing the contract. In theory it cannot be ruled out that two new drivers can arrive at Red Bull.

Written by Carlos Sainzcurrently without a car after the divorce already announced from Ferrari, passed Alexander Albon of Williams to Fernando Alonso. However, the Spaniard extended his contract with Aston Martin until 2026 not more than a few hours ago.. A move that silences once and for all rumors of Milton Keynes’ alleged interest in the Oviedo rider.

Verstappen ‘against’ Alonso: an interesting dig

However, until a few days ago Alonso’s move to the world champions team could not be prevented at all. And specifically in this regard the three-time world champion Max Verstappen had caused a potential conflict about the possibility ofarriving in Alonso’s team.

Alonso at Red Bull: Verstappen surprises everyone
Alonso-Red Bull, it’s chaos: Verstappen’s announcement (LaPresse) –

Verstappen looked adorable on the ‘Limburger’ mic:I don’t care who runs beside me, I also told the team. Sure, I would have very strange to sign a 42 year old driver given that Red Bull has a tradition of training its young drivers.”

Words that sounded very harsh to the ex-Ferrari driver who, however, still looks very fast on the track. Verstappen tried to justify his strong statements by involving his current team-mate: “The arrival of Perez was already different from the past now a 42-year-old driver will be more so“.

Super Max had concluded his argument by addressing a direct thought to Fernando Alonso: “I can get along with him but the argument is different. I look at the future of the team but it will be up to them alone, in the end, to make the final decision.” Alonso himself made the decision.