Aston Martin called to throw out Lance Stroll

Aston Martin called to throw out Lance Stroll

Aston Martin it is encouraged Walking the Lance before his form cost the British team the Formula 1 title. The Canadian is in his sixth season with his wealthy father Lawrence Stroll’s Formula 1 team. Stroll’s performance cost Aston Martin dearly last season.

By scoring only 74 points to teammate Fernando Alonso’s 206, Aston Martin dropped to fifth place in the team standings. If Stroll had scored even half the points of the Spaniard, the team would have been fourth. If he had matched Alonso, the team would have been in third place. But despite questions about his motivation, with F1 rumors at one point suggesting he might take up tennis, Stroll will drive for Aston Martin this season.

He has managed to overtake the two-time world champion once in four race weekends and last time out in Japan he finished no higher than 16th in qualifying, with Alonso keeping his AMR24 fifth on the grid. Alonso scored 24 points and Stroll nine. BBC F1 analyst Harry Benjamin thinks it’s time for Aston Martin to drop the Canadian and put Yuki Tsunoda in the car instead. He thinks the Japanese driver would be a good replacement as Aston Martin switches to Honda in 2026.

“Fernando Alonso completely wipes the floor with Lance Stroll,” Benjamin said in the BBC’s Checkered Flag podcast. “Of course Stroll doesn’t take pole positions, he doesn’t go on the podium in Formula 1 if he’s a bad driver, but if he was another driver he wouldn’t be in Formula 1 again based on his performance in recent years. He’s only in that team because dad owns and runs the team.

“If Aston Martin wants to be a serious threat in… System 1 – has the equipment and money to do it – needs a strong second driver. “It should keep Fernando Alonso, then it needs a second driver who is capable of scoring points.”