Aston Martin ‘needs to be aggressive’ with 2023 F1 car design

Aston Martin ‘needs to be aggressive’ with 2023 F1 car design

Aston Martin must be aggressive with car design for the 2023 F1 season, executive director Tom McCullough has said. Sports Week. The British team wanted to do it again this year, but struggled with the budget level. Available resources also prevented the team from developing the AMR22 further.

“We want to get in front of the midfield and then push forward from there. To do that, we have to be aggressive,” McCullough said. “We tried to be as aggressive as possible this year, but with the budget and resources available, it was difficult.” There are parts that Aston Martin would like to develop. ‘For example, the front wing is largely the same as the one we started the year with.’

There was a lot that Aston Martin could have done,” the team’s executive director said. “But we couldn’t afford to stay within the budget limit. Especially after the big changes we made to the car in Barcelona. In Barcelona, ​​​​the team came with the same car as Red Bull Racing’s RB18.

Aston Martin ‘on the right track’

For 2023, Aston Martin needs to bring together all their ideas and learnings from this year to deliver a better car. “It’s all relative, though, as every other team will do the same. We think the path we’re on now is the right one and we’ll be able to develop our 2023 car to deliver more performance consistently rather than changing concepts mid-season,” McCullough said optimistically.

The technician notices another important thing. “Everyone is pushing in the same direction. It’s not a question of which way we’re going. We know the way to go. We’ve put our heads down and joined forces to take a step forward with the car during the season and make sure we’re on the right track for 2023.