Battered Central California braces for next storm beginning Monday

Battered Central California braces for next storm beginning Monday

As Central California braces for the onslaught of a new storm beginning Monday, the region remains battered by the effects of a barrage of recent inclement weather.

Forecasters warn that the latest bout of precipitation could bring torrential downpours and freezing temperatures to the already beleaguered area.

“This storm system is likely to bring with it an array of meteorological perturbations, including the potential for extreme weather conditions,” cautioned National Weather Service meteorologist Paul Scholz.

The storm is predicted to move through the Central Valley, dropping precipitation ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters, depending on location.

In addition, temperatures could plunge to as low as -10°C in some areas, posing a risk of flash flooding and other hazardous conditions.

The severe weather is expected to last until mid-week, and emergency management authorities are urging residents to be prepared.

“We urge people to take the necessary precautions to protect their property, their loved ones, and themselves,” said emergency services director, Terence Morris.

He also urged residents to be mindful of the potential for power outages, as well as hazardous roadway conditions.

The region has been battered by a series of storms over the past few weeks, resulting in flooding, mudslides, and hazardous driving conditions.

The NWS has issued warnings for residents to remain alert for further storms in the coming days, as Central California braces for yet another bout of inclement weather.