Brabus 930: Short name, more power

Brabus 930: Short name, more power

With the GT 4-Door 63 S E-Performance, Mercedes-AMG has a true plug-in hybrid beast at home, but there’s always room for more. At least that’s what people think at Brabus, where the Brabus 930 is already based on the same AMG-GT. It is also suitable for those who miss their BMW with the M lines on the grille.

The choice of the new Brabus over the standard Mercedes-AMG GT 4-Door 63 S E-Performance offers at least one advantage: the name. After all, the ‘Brabus 930’ is more economical on your vocal cords than Mercedes itself has stuck to this car. What could also be an advantage – although it is doubtful – is that the Brabus version with 930 hp offers more power. Not that there was a lack of that, by the way, because this more powerful AMG-GT also produces 843 hp in standard form. With 930 horsepower, this car is according to Brabus the most powerful Brabus ever, and we have no reason to doubt that.

The torque of the Brabus 930 is also impressive: 1,550 Nm. According to Brabus, this beast sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, and then moves on to a top speed that is still disappointing at 316 km/h considering all that power. The extra power is also due to the vibration of the combustion engine, the electric car retains its original power of 204 horses. However, Brabus is still responsible for the chassis. Thanks to the Brabus Airmatic Sport Unit, you can lower the air suspension by 20 millimeters at the touch of a button, for a more refined appearance.

Now that the term is used: we cannot ignore other external modifications. Let’s put it this way: Brabus is cool, that is, if you’ve made it your life’s goal to scare the people around you as much as possible. In jet black, this über-Brabus looks very sharp, but in our opinion this outfit has little to do with style or creativity. As usual with these types of devices, there is a lot of carbon, while the black details are not easily visible due to the same black nature. There is one exception to this: the red bar combination on the grille. It’s reminiscent of the Aquafresh-like M stripes that seem irresistible to many BMW drivers, a dubious example.

In the interior we get a little more color, but only because all the aluminum color accents here are implemented in red. It contrasts strikingly with mood lighting, which the photographer at work has set to purple for obscure reasons.

Our proverbial close-up squeals at the sight of this color combination.

In Germany, Brabus is charging €384,436 for the car as shown here, including VAT. In the Netherlands, of course there will be a little more, mainly because the CO2 emissions of 286 grams per kilometer are higher than the 180 grams per kilometer that Mercedes itself is allowed to mention for this device. For the sake of completeness: the color scheme presented here is of course not necessary, because Brabus is happy to consider the wishes of the customer. Surprisingly, it often comes to this. In addition to ordering the entire car, you can choose as you wish from various parts of this package, including the available AMG-GT.