Cannes Film Festival 2023: 7 things to remember (or forget)

Cannes Film Festival 2023: 7 things to remember (or forget)

The (surprising) emotion of Harrison Ford’s hard and the invitation to not give up the commitment of Ken Loach, the meeting with two true gods like Liv Ullmann and Virginie Efira will remain in our hearts. To forget some movie and the disappointing “consent machine”. Statue

AND Another concert is gone, his music is over… The end mount Dec protest tonight for Cannes 2023but it is already time to take stock. The average quality of the films is quite high (like the average age of the directors: 65 years old, but let’s not argue), big stars have arrived and even let themselves (look for them in the coming weeks. iO Woman) and, above all, there was a moment of real emotion, on stage and in the hall. If you don’t cry Old Oak by Ken Loach, in which we cry soil? But let’s go in order…

To remember

Harrison Ford’s tears

Harrison Ford emotional in Cannes (Getty Images)

Borrow Harrison Ford’s Rain. For years we have complained about Poor communication with Harrison Ford. Interviewing the actor-carpenter evoked the same feeling as a distracted browse through a film’s media set. Instead this year, in his fifth test as Indiana Jones, and with the prospect of retiring along with his famous character, Ford was emotional. The public, along with the festival, commanded a lot of praise, respect and love. If one does the work, it is probably also because one hopes that the warmth of that shared embrace will be real, perhaps the only reward (Ford liked to advertise that he worked “for money”. This time he didn’t say)

Godard according to Godard

Godard to Godard. Cannes could not fail to pay tribute to the director who died last September. He did so with an estimate of Contempt and submit this a film by Florence Platarets. Godard to Godard And A personal photo of the archive by the author of Until the last breath which traces his story and unique work, a story that has helped change the history of cinema, created by research and tireless courage. A film that tells life made by moviesthe life of a writer who ended up being connected to his art: “I don’t make films, I make movies”.

Visible Lv

Liv Ullmann in Cannes (Getty Images)

Liv Ullmann, the goddess. The a special movie for him, Liv Ulmmann, The Road Less Traveledat Cannes Classics, it has been almost unnoticed, an investigation in Buñuel’s private room, one way, inaccessible to many, invisible to almost everyone, in a large hall. tourbillon de la vie of the festival. The movie, which is true single series, three-dimensional, good for art movies, such as streaming and tv, it would be a normal biopic if it weren’t for him, ironic, important, simple (in Hollywood they advised him to wear more makeup, in fact to hire a team of makeup artists, he answers: «I don’t wear makeup, I’m Norwegian”) From tears in memory. To the boy dedicated director, Dheeraj Akolkar, the value of research and tenacity must be recognized: «Work of 13 years». Eventually they became friends

Radiant Ephyra

Virginie Efira on the red carpet (Getty Images)

A lovely shine. Virginie Efira continues to surprise us with her honesty (she was in two films with two very different characters, the victim of a poisonous love within L’Amour et les Forêts and Valérie Donzelli, a mother struggling with social services there Rien à perdre and Delphine Deloget) and always cheerful and cheerful: he says it is thanks to the fact that he is Belgian, not French (and we would be led to believe him…) but remaining down to earth is generally the characteristic of a person who achieved success late. He does not shy away from any question, even those present May you be blessed, lesbo-nun who was the (alleged) scandal of Cannes 2023. This time, however,ohhhh more sonorous was awakened by a large belly, which competes with the one shown in 2022 by Michelle Williams: at 45 she will be a mother, for the second time. A lucky partner is your colleague, Niels Schneider

Tender Loach at the Cannes Film Festival

Ken Loach in Cannes (Getty Images)

86 years of renewal. The youngest character we met at the Festival? No doubt: Ken Loach. A small and very polite young man who whispers more than he speaks, but he knows what he is saying. And if he has confirmed that The Old Oak will be his last film, he will not give up on the commitment to this, encouraging us to do the same, greeting us with: «Don’t give up!». In this world where thirty things bring us empty goods like Statue (read below) who can compete with him in strength and desire to bring about change is Marco Bellocchio. 83 years old

To forget


The cast of “Asteroid City”. From left: Maya Hawke, Jeffrey Wright, Rupert Friend, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks, Bryan Cranston, Maya Hawke, Wes Anderson, Adrien Brody, Scarlett Johansson, Matt Dillon, Steve Carel (Getty Images)

average movies, which unfortunately this Festival has been banned. Parts are even designed to have them, they work which were not enough for the competition, not enough research for the side parts, always bordering on sufficient, necessary for the existence of stars, useless for everything else. In the section Cannes Première we can mention Le temps d’aimerin the Competition Firebrand or Asteroid City and Wes Anderson. AND, Of course, the opening film, Jeanne du Barry. Yawn.

Lily-Rose Depp? Nope

Lily-Rose Depp (Getty Images)

Yawn for him too Statue. Since last year Cannes has introduced the glorification of a TV series or even (Satan!) a film that will enjoy streaming but, after all, the end justifies the means: if we are still dealing with art production, which may disappear. in the movie shipwreck (they are now half-desert), let’s not underestimate the stage too much. Apple is financing Martin Scorsese’s first western Flower Moon Assassins, that is not only well-directed but lifts the curtain on a repressed period in American history? That’s fine. In 2022 he was seen clapping Sky series Irma Vep with Alicia Vikander and Olivier Assayas, an example of meta-cinema? Okay! However Statue No please. We understand the need for publicized scandals (especially if they are based on sex), for stars who warm the red carpet like a pauper. Lily-Rose Depphowever precisely in Cannes – which claims to be the most important Festival in the world – it is impossible to propose a modification of what has already been seen, with dishes starting Here is the realm of the senses for Sad triangle. Euphoria of shipwrecks… Not for us