Convertible: Maserati presents the new Gran Cabrio model with luxury and high-quality options

Convertible: Maserati presents the new Gran Cabrio model with luxury and high-quality options

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Finally available to everyone. Maserati presents its new Gran Cabrio convertible model. This is what was revealed.

Finally the official announcement has arrived. Maserati in fact, it announced its new product to the enthusiasm of car enthusiasts and professionals. In fact, the announcement received a huge response, mainly because many had been waiting for it for a while.

The Italian company has announced the truth release of the new GranCabrio. This is the latest offering for motoring enthusiasts who are looking for a product that combines convenience, style and at the same time great comfort.

But the amazing Maserati GranCabrio is not just this. The model has its merits seek luxuryoe offers amazing options that will make its use more of an experience. But let’s see what has been revealed and what the main features of the GranCabrio are.

Maserati GranCabrio

The new Trident converter is available in the Trofeo trim levelwhere the 6-cylinder Nettuno heat engine is installed, 3.0 liter twin turbo with 550 HP. The company has tried to combine, as we have seen, style and comfort, continuing from the luxury and beauty that has always distinguished the Trident company.

This is an example 100% manufactured in Italy and was designed following the path of GranTurismos. The roof of this model was made of fabric, with the aim of taking as little space as possible when closed. Closing – if activated – is completed in 14 seconds, with a movement of up to 50km / h.

Maserati GranCabrio
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Elegance and style

As we said, Maserati has not given up on the taste at all and, as always, the exterior of the new convertible is characterized by disarming elegance. The first impression happens immediately, and the exterior that leaves you breathless. The convertible tends to add details of the highest quality materials used for its construction.

design is in perfect harmony with the external inspiration of the environment and details make the GranCabrio a unique feature. Note the high efficiency of the car, which again shows the quality sought by the company. The interior features the craftsmanship that makes this historic Italian car maker unique.