Cupra presents the DarkRebel at Milan Design Week 2024

Cupra presents the DarkRebel at Milan Design Week 2024

From April 15 to 21during Milan Design Week 2024, Cupra Garage Milan in Corso Como 1, Piazza XXV Aprile and Garibaldi Gallery open their doors to The Rebel Side of Creativity. The exhibition schedule combines sustainability, technology and innovation. Cupra DarkRebel, the main character of the event, shows us in the future thanks to his anatomy and the effect of liquid and reflected mercury, which raises the solid muscles of the body’s work and emphasizes his amazing character. A product of more than 270,000 configurations, the car is a reinterpretation of the Cupra brand’s aesthetic codes, as well as automotive excellence. The installation aims to tell a story brand history and return it material researchleading visitors in a a journey between the real and virtual worlds.

Cupra garage

A thin line between real and virtual

In a reality where artificial intelligence is gaining ground, Cupra wants to show that these changes do not make sense to exist without human innovation. For this reason, in fact, the design of the car was born almost from a conversation with community del brand, Tribe. A completely immersed a revolution from many points of view, which Cupra questions the way cars will be made in the future.
The well-known car brand shows its commitment to the future with the launch of A VR experiencewhich allows visitors to interact with the environment through avatars, thus enhancing the digital experience.

A dream in the shape of a Cupra

«The theme of this edition of Milan Design Week, Materia Natura, gives us the opportunity to continue to show the world our commitment to sustainability, our passion for design, as well as the desire to explore new horizons for our Tribe’s participation and involvement. We have created our dream, our aspiration, expressed in the Cupra DarkRebel concept car. We have given voice to new generations and shown an interest in design that has led us to abandon traditional automotive materials to add new natural and sustainable elements that can take the Cupra beyond the conventional limits.». So he announced Pierantonio VianelloDirector of Cupra in Italy.

Sustainable comfort and digital design

DarkRebel is a realization of a concept that mixes skillfully design e better performance and absolutely respect for the environment. In the passenger compartment, of course, the combination of soft synthetic fibers and leather is clearly visible. biological basis, consisting of almost 90% biodegradable bamboo. The comfort, however, does not take a back seat, but is taken care of down to the smallest details. The use of ultra-sensorial materials, with high tactile value in many interior finishes, gives an unmistakable feeling of tenderness.

The design of the car is further enhanced by natural light, which, reflecting it, emphasizes things such as the central keel and the side covers made of transparent material. Cupra DarkRebel elements transform into painted reflectors, highlighting the car’s sophisticated, digital aesthetic.

«Light is a true protagonist, playing a fundamental role in the transformation of what is material and invisible. It gives new value to the physical elements present inside and outside the car, cutting the boundaries between the physical and the ordinary world.” he explains Francesca SangalliHead of Color & Trim and Concept & Strategy Cupra and curator of exhibitions.

For Milan Design Week 2024, Cupra Garage Milano gives the green light to the new cooperation and brands that share the philosophy and soul of the car maker. Among these, Gandía Blasco for outdoor furniture, Fini for food and San Miguel and Red Bull for drink. In the space laid out, the Cupra living roomit will be possible to live an immersive experience to discover not only the new concept carbut also cooperation.

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