Digitization does not exist: This is how citizens could sue their authorities – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Digitization does not exist: This is how citizens could sue their authorities – Economy & Volkswagen – News

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Digital desert: This is how citizens could sue their authorities

05/28/2023, 18:58

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The queue at the Munich registration office to leave the church is long. On average, Germans should plan around two hours for a visit to the authorities.

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Interior Minister Faeser wants to make the country’s administration more digital. But he fails to raise himself. Expert opinion has a chance to do the trick.

For his last date in a authority The Germans needed an average of almost two hours – exactly 114 minutes – including travel. This is shown by the survey of the digital party Bitkom. To reduce this time, Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) launched the new Internet Access Act (OZG) last Wednesday. The minister promises: “By 2024 at the latest, it will be possible to apply for a car or driver’s license, re-registration, marriage, building permit and parental allowance digitally throughout Germany.”

From home and quickly, the exchange between authorities and citizens should run in the future. But since it became known exactly how Faeser envisions digital management, it is also clear that the goal of just two clicks for the new ID will remain a desire for a long time to come. Because there is no benefit. Neither citizens nor companies can sue as a government service it is still not available online after decades, nor can the federal government approve the minimum administrative standards.

Expert opinion confirms: Authorities may have to digitize

But that’s what experts like him claim National Regulatory Commission, which is responsible for setting federal rules for digital audits. In this way, citizens will be able to enjoy digital administration more quickly, because everyone could sue the federal, state and local governments if they did not make administrative procedures available online. To date, only 126 of the 575 OZG services can be used across the country.

Now the scientific service of the Bundestag has addressed this topic. With expert opinion, which is available only to our editors, the ways are shown how a legal claim can be made. digital enhancement of authority and perhaps even restrictions can work according to the constitution.

Lawyers of Bundestag reaching the conclusion that “the objectives of the duties of state bodies are basically allowed under the constitutional law”. They prevent that local government should be considered. In the case of possible damage claims, the scientific service expresses itself more carefully: In principle, damages “for the failure of the state to fulfill a legal obligation” are consistent with the constitution, it says.

Bavaria is committed to the law, but there are no restrictions

Bavaria can be used as an example, the Free State has a similar claim in Bavaria digital law it is controlled. It says: “Everyone has the right (…) to communicate digitally with the authorities through the Internet and use their services.”

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Bavarian Digital Minister of State However, Judith Gerlach (CSU) has the problem that, apart from financial incentives and incentives, her hands are tied. If the Federal Ministry of the Interior wants to include digital obligations and restrictions in the OZG, the Bundesrat will have to agree. A large number is considered impossible because this responsibility will not be comfortable for the country.

The local politician Misbah Khan (Greens) believes that hope dies in the end: “I think it is a great hope that only a great digital pressure will lead to the rapid implementation of OZG services.” The administration regularly sets deadlines for civil sanctions to be imposed for non-compliance. . “Why the opposite should not be used for governance in the case of digitalization is not explained,” says a member of the Bundestag. The Greens and the FDP now want to put pressure on the SPD minister.

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