DS will be smarter.  The brand is adding ChatGPT to its media

DS will be smarter. The brand is adding ChatGPT to its media

Artificial Intelligence in the form of the ChatGPT service officially becomes an integral part of the in-car multimedia of the DS brand. This solution will be available in all models, helping users in daily tasks.

Artificial intelligence will appear in DS systems before the end of 2023. All customers will benefit from the solution, regardless of the chosen model – from DS3 to DS9.

ChatGPT is a program that, based on information available on the Internet, can compose intelligent and accurate answers to questions. It also supports the creation of texts on certain topics. How will it work in a car?

DS claims ChatGPT it will complement the voice control system and provide a virtual advisor about, for example, travel destinations. It will also serve as entertainment, allowing you, for example, to create questions for your fellow passengers.

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GPT chat it will be an integral part of the DS Iris multimedia system, requiring no additional software. It can be activated remotely. By the end of the year, the solution will be available to 20,000 people. users as part of a free trial program that will last for at least six months.