“Eureka”: A new knowledge model from ZDFinfo on YouTube – Economy and Volkswagen – News

“Eureka”: A new knowledge model from ZDFinfo on YouTube – Economy and Volkswagen – News

Mainz (ots) – The surprise “Eureka” after a sudden realization means nothing more than: “I got it.” From Thursday, November 3, 2022, at 4 pm, the knowledge format of ZDFinfo on YouTube will be about getting answers to daily questions. Science influencer Jacob Beautemps and TikTok historian Leonie Schöler ask themselves questions like: What happens to our plastic waste? Why is there still no pill for men? Do we still need zoos and zoos? What does recycling entail? Or: What to do against fatigue?

With intelligence and knowledge, these two combine scientific research with historical facts and thus answer the important questions of our time. Jacob Beautemps and Leonie Schöler build a bridge between dramatic results and background information. In addition, experts from a variety of specialized areas have their opinions, explain, add or contradict each other.

The new format of ZDFinfo “Eureka” seeks to inform, show connections and encourage viewers to discuss. So far, 22 episodes of 15 minutes each have been scheduled, which can be seen every Thursday from 4pm on the ZDFinfo YouTube channel: Heureka – YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeaNCdxZcQsNMf8dkIOhLPg)

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