everything about the new Polish Smart Home standard

everything about the new Polish Smart Home standard

In November 2021, the first mention of LuON occurred, that is, a completely new standard of Smart Home that has been developed by Poles. The company has recently received funding of more than one million zlotys and is raising sails.

Luon SA

The president of LuON SA is Dawid Olczak and he is the one who gave us the secret about this idea.

LuON is a company that deals with the production of devices and software to operate smart homes. The products will be compatible with Apple HomeKit, and in the near future also with the new Matter standard, but not only that.

What is different LuON?

First, a radio communication standard called LuAir, based on the ESP-SASA protocol, which ensures that the range of wireless devices will be approximately one kilometer. Additionally, data transfer should be faster and more stable than other solutions currently available.

Second, LuON is also a wireless communicationwhich is well integrated with LuAir. The advantage of this solution is the substitution of both types of data distribution. In the event of a failure of the wireless infrastructure, communication will automatically switch to wireless.

The concept of the new standard is, among other things, that it works everywhere and in all situations. It is universal that it will be able to work, for example, in apartments, large houses, large investments, and even on boats and yachts.

luon communication

Third, LuON is also developing its own system that will be responsible for local automation. This means that the devices will work independently of the HomeKit or Matter system.

Fourth, the advantage of LuON is a new approach to creating automation. The tools will be designed in such a way that it will take less than 30 minutes to automate the entire house, and you will not need any programming skills or knowledge to complete it.

At LuON, we believe in a smart home that is intuitive to use and easy to set up. We have transformed our years of experience, passion for work and big ambitions into a system that reflects our beliefs and strives for perfection.

Dawid Olczak, President of LuON SA

luon automation

Fifth, in case of failure of the main router or central unit the system will be able to work without internet access. At LuON, they are also working on emergency communications that will allow devices to be controlled via smartphone even if the router and local network are damaged.

LuON brand equipment

It is worth adding that the offer will include HomeKit compatible deviceswhich no other company is currently producing. However, David did not want to reveal any details about it.

The LuON app

It is not difficult to think that there will also be prayers. The entire system is designed in such a way that no external servers are needed. Thanks to this, the company will not collect and analyze any data. surprisingly, You don’t even need to create an account to use the LuON app.

luon security

The future of LuON

LuON representatives still do not want to reveal more details about their system. We only know that its premiere will take place in a few months.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and wish you much success at the national and international level.