F1 – Newey: Aston Martin “denies” the court, Ferrari does not.  Flirting with Maranello offers other faces

F1 – Newey: Aston Martin “denies” the court, Ferrari does not. Flirting with Maranello offers other faces

Adrian New e Ferrari, the dream continues. The British designer is at the center of many rumors that he would like to get out Red Bull by the end of this season. L’matter Horner and everything that resulted from that, could push the thinking of the team Austria to leave Milton Keynes after almost 20 years. A move that can open important events from different points of view and for important teams, which can make “false cards” to protect it in the near future.

We have already told you how Ferrari took action in recent weeks as soon as it felt the strong shocks that reached Red Bull: to persuade Adrian New moving and leaving England, however, is not a small matter, but Scuderia Ferrari can play an interesting card, ie Lewis Hamiltona driver that the Englishman would very much like to work with before finishing his illustrious career System 1and on the other hand the seven-time world champion wouldn’t mind finally joining forces after years of flirting that never came to fruition.

New Ferrari
The historic Scuderia Ferrari F1 logo

There is one however: in recent weeks evenAston Martin He seems to have set his sights on it New. Il the team captain and Lawrence Take a walkwith the help of main sponsor Aramco he would put a lot of money on the table to get the British genius. Despite that for someone like Newmoney is very important and not much, he is only interested in designing the fastest cars, driven by the best drivers in the world, ergo, the situation may be attractive or not, it depends on the points of view and personal needs.

Newey/Ferrari: Aston Martin’s track is winding down

Take a look New in Ferrari It will be clear that it is a dream, not only for fans of red but for the whole movement System 1, the title of the longest court indeed. Insertion ofAston Martin but it can spoil the plans Maranelloeven for a reason Take a walk may depend on the ever-increasing design, on the money bundle (which is clearly not lacking in Ferrari, ed.), on the engine Honda and by the fact that in doing so, New he would remain in England, which has been one of the key points when it comes to negotiations about him.

We also remember the cooperation between Adrian andAston Martin for the diagnosis of Valkyrieone of chief car fastest in the world, also taking advantage of what was previously a cooperation between Red Bull and the same British brand. A project that, in fact, closes New for the company today Lawrence Take a walk. It’s a note, it doesn’t mean anything, but it’s a small piece of information that still had to be put into the pot of all our discussion.

New FerrariNew Ferrari
Max Verstappen and Alex Albon in February 2020 with Aston Martin Valkyrie and Red Bull F1 (Red Bull Content Pool)

Aston Martin however, officially, he wanted to turn the court towards English thinking. The team leader Mike Crack he actually threw water on the fire on the matter, perhaps also to protect his people currently in the technical team of the Silverstone team: “We have a very strong team Dan Fallows, Tom McCullough, Luca Furbatto e Bob Bell. We are very satisfied with the team we have at the moment.”

All this is very clear of his stay inside Red Bull, which is definitely not excluded. There RB20 continues to win and dominate races and championships, but problems within the company remain and tensions are hotter than ever, even if you don’t show it. The feeling is that at the end of the season, however, something will happen, and the figures considered important in the last 20 years will no longer be part of the beverage company in the near future.

Ferrari does not stop and continues to quietly flirt with Newey

We’ve been collaborating for a while now Red Bullthe idea of Stratford-Upon-Avon has an alternate presence within factory, limiting himself to an average of three days a week. This despite the headquarters Milton Keynes can be reached within minutes. The problem of continuous existence will not be limited to Ferrari as, even in the victorious years of that era Michael Schumacher, chief a counselor Rory Byrneace in the hole at that time A dancing horsehe was often engaged in many extra sports activities such as spearfishing.

However, the North African had a working group at his service, capable of transferring his concepts to better seats. Ferrari showed in the early years 2000. On the other hand, we know how Aston Martin determination in your dating towards New. kind of all in, now or never. There is no shortage of money, nor equipment. Furthermore, future cooperation with Honda come on partner unique for the design and creation of power unit 2026. A group of technicians and engineers in the assembly phase, remembering that almost the entire work group that created the current power unit that pushes RB20 was absorbed by Red Bull Powertrains.

New FerrariNew Ferrari
Lawrence Sheldon Strulovitch, founder of the British Aston Martin F1 Team

We are talking about 150 people. However, future aspirations Aston MartinHonda they are really tall. This is indicated by the new European base which will be the same as the historical headquarters of Sakura. stable of Silverstone pushes hard, tries to imitate”A Red Bull product“. A challenge that starts from scratch where the sixty-five-year-old Briton will have carte blanche for everything. On the other hand New he needs to draw and give free reign to his great invention. He is not interested in the power struggle and intrigue, the environment in which the team The world champion has been living there for a few months now. For others there is something important.

Between Oliver Mintzlaff (CEO of Business Projects and New Investments of Red Bull GmbH) e Christian Horner No bad blood at all. Especially for this reason the possible loss of Adrian will reduce the value of Christian which at that time would show greater weakness. For others there is another attractive incentive. Certain events within the world of F1 it rarely happens by chance. Give in recent days it has been able to show its value in Ferrari. However, to get out of the team Haasthe Italian team did not take him into account at all and actually let him go.

As we know, the native of Faenza lived Mercedes along with another mechanic from the red team, to be honest Enrico Sampo. Simon He will be the director of strategic development and will report his work directly to the technical manager of the team german James Allison. Time Enrico will devote its efforts to prayer program related to performance, considering that a Maranello he was in charge of the narrative group. Now, think outside the box, think that in the upper middle conversation New e Ferrari If the British set any conditions for his landing it would certainly not be crazy.

New FerrariNew Ferrari
Adrian Newey (Oracle Red Bull Racing), director of the technical group of the Oracle Red Bull Racing team

On the contrary, “handle” the English already has the pond of the most closely connected artisans who, as mentioned above Rory Byrne at the right time, they have an extreme ability to transfer ideas and concepts of New in cars. Although this last point moves in the realm of the abstract, it may still be part of an already moving chessboard, as top management from Ferrari keep flirting New and the intention to bring it Italy through others meetings helping the new cycle of victory remains stronger than ever.

Author: Alessandro Arcari@berrageiz

Photo: Scuderia Ferrari – Oracle Red Bull RacingAdrian Newey