Fernando Alonso: On the winner’s podium at the age of 45?  / System 1

Fernando Alonso: On the winner’s podium at the age of 45? / System 1

Only 22 drivers aged 40 or over have made it to the podium in a Formula 1 World Championship, Fernando Alonso being one of them. The 32-time GP winner will remain the oldest driver on the grid until the end of 2026.

We deliberately put our picture here in shades of yellow-brown: Since the retirement of “Iceman” Kimi Räikkönen, Fernando Alonso is the oldest driver in the field of Grand Prix: Formula 1 and the world champion of sports cars is the only one in Pilot 2024. over 40 years, the second oldest driver is Lewis Hamilton at 39.

Having signed his new contract with Aston Martin until the end of 2026, one thing is certain: Alonso will still drive in Formula 1 at the age of 45. The last time Graham Hill was that old on the GP grid was in Brazil in 1975.

Fernando Alonso is one of those people who have an opinion: Guys, it’s just a number on a passport. “To be fair, even I see my age as an advantage,” the Spaniard is convinced. “Example – Formula 1 changed to inferior tires for the 2022 season. But I knew them from the time I was in the world championship of sports cars.”

“The behavior of these tires in Formula 1 will be the same as in sports cars. So while many drivers are breaking new ground here, it’s old hat to me. That’s great.”

“Perhaps the only problem that comes with age: you have to prepare for an intense season like in Formula 1. You have to realize that you will be on the road for 300 days. You have to organize your life in such a way that you can fully dedicate yourself to the sport.”

In theory, Fernando Alonso could be one of the ten oldest Formula 1 drivers on the GP winner’s podium at Aston Martin-Honda in 2026, as our table shows.

The oldest Formula 1 drivers on the podium

1. Luigi Fagioli (I), France 1951, 53 years, 0 months, 22 days
2. Louis Chiron (MC), Monaco 1950, 50/9/18
3. Felice Bonetto (I), Niederlande 1953, 49/11/29
4. Piero Taruffi (I), Italy 1955, 48/10/30
5. Giuseppe Farina (I), Belgium 1955, 48/7/6
6. Juan Manuel Fangio (RA), Italy 1957, 2/46/15
7. Karl Kling (D), Great Britain 1955, 44/10/0
8. Louis Rosier (F), Belgium 1950, 44/7/13
9. Luigi Villoresi (I), Italy1953, 44/3/28
10. Jack Brabham (AUS), England 1970, 44/3/16
11. Michael Schumacher (D), Europa 2012, 43/5/21
12. Jacques Laffite (F), USA 1986, 42/7/1
13. Mario Andretti (USA), Italy 1982, 6/42/15
14. Maurice Trintignant (F), Argentine 1960, 42/3/8
15. Fernando Alonso (L), Qatar 2021, 42/3/7
16. John Love (RHO), South Africa 1967, 42/0/26
17. Carlos Menditeguy (RA), Argentine 1957, 5/41
18. Nigel Mansell (GB), Australia 1994, 41/3/5
19. Dorino Serafini (I), Italian 1950, 41/1/12
20. Rudi Fischer (CH), Germany 1952, 40/3/15
21. Graham Hill (GB), Monaco 1969, 40/3/3
22. Clay Regazzoni (CH), Canada 1979, 40/0/25

It will be more difficult for the eternally young Asturian to enter the top ten of the oldest Formula 1 drivers – because then he would have to add a few more years.

The 1950s were the era of gentleman drivers, experienced men with mature guts, like Ferrari star Alberto Ascari. And the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio also looked a little different than today’s Formula 1 star in terms of form.

The oldest Formula 1 driver in GP action was Louis Chiron. The Monegasse competed in his home race at Monte Carlo in 1955 at the age of 55 years, 9 months and 19 days!

In the top ten drivers we find all drivers aged 50 or over:

The 10 oldest Formula 1 drivers

1. Louis Chiron (MC), 55/9/19
2. Philippe Etancelin (F), 55/6/8
3. Arthur Legat (B), 54/7/20
4. Luigi Fagioli (I), 53/0/22
5. Adolf Brudes (D), 52/9/19
6. Hans Stuck (D), 52/8/17
7. Bill Aston (GB), 52/4/5
8. Clemente Biondetti (I), 52/0/16
9. Louis Rosier (F), 50/9/0
10. Rudolf Schöller (CH), 50/3/7