Ferrari Testarossa: get a garage with 20,000 km

Ferrari Testarossa: get a garage with 20,000 km

This 12-cylinder Ferrari was probably a real garage find: it stood in an underground parking lot for 20 years. Now it’s up for auction.

Why would anyone park a Ferrari Testarossa in an underground car park instead of driving it? The original owner traveled just 22,433 km on his 12-cylinder sports car before wrapping it up and abandoning it. That was in 2003.

The Paris-registered Ferrari’s last trip was to Saint-Tropez. The owner, who died in 2012, has not used his Testarossa since this trip to the south of France. According to the French auction house Artcurial, the entrepreneur is probably using a Porsche 911 Speedster instead. Jaques S. had bought the Ferrari through the dealer Charles Pozzi in Levallois northwest of Paris. He drove it until he just parked it. After his death, his wife and daughter inherited the car. However, neither did he drive it.

Service life of 20 years – adjustments are due


The Ferrari stopped next to a gray Renault Captur.

With a license plate from Département 75, Paris, the 290 km/h sports car is parked in the underground car park next to a gray Renault Captur. It’s covered in a dark red dusty palette that protects against dust and light but is designed around the contours of the ’80s icon. Even the exterior mirrors, which are not half-height on this model, have separate pockets. Cavallino’s rampante and the seller’s inscription from Mulhouse can be seen in black on the fabric. The tires on standard five-star rims are obviously messed up.

Under the dust that has accumulated despite the fabric, the Rosso Corsa paintwork still looks good. But dusting the paint and pumping the tires shouldn’t be the only measure that should be taken to get the Ferrari back on the road. Artcurial recommends a thorough repair, which seems to be true after 20 years of service.

Selling price: around 100,000 euros

The interior looks fine, only the cheap sports steering wheel disturbs the good feeling. The beige leather seats, like the light carpets protected by the red floor mats, have come through the years without damage – no wonder given the low mileage.

French auction house Artcurial has now sold the Testarossa for 95,360 euros.

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Kilometers can be changed, condition counts: The car is there to drive!

Miles not driven are like a promise; A five-digit odometer reading is ideal.

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A Ferrari Testarossa that stood in a garage for 20 years cost around 100,000 euros. This corresponds to the value that the market watcher Classic Analytics provides a good article. When you consider that the sale price includes a 16 percent premium, the Ferrari certainly wasn’t a bargain – but history and limited mileage may have motivated the parties.