Fiat 600 and small Volvo are coming

Fiat 600 and small Volvo are coming

Fiat 600 and small Volvo are coming. The 600 will also be electric, like its “sister” Jeep Avenger, which shares the technical base, and will go on sale within a year.

The Fiat 600 is coming, the Avenger’s city sister

Even in management Stellantis Fiat deletes old brands. For brand 600 is third lifeAfter nature success, of 1955, and a less successful city car for sale from 1998 to 2010. This rebirth, a sign of the times, will take the form of a compact SUV, a more “bourgeois” version of avenger, in rendering in the first models in these days. Like the smaller Jeep, the 600 should be available with both gasoline and electric engines. With the battery out 54 kWh it is also used by the French Stellantis designs and the slightly higher range approved for 400 km. Expected price is on 37-38 thousand euros, excluding the incentive of 3 or 5 thousand euros (including cancellation). It is Fiat’s second electric car after the 500e, rewarded with good sales success in 2022 and now. a little lower in these first 4 months of 2023.

And on June 7, the EX 30, the most expensive Volvo, will be launched

We are also just a few weeks away from the presentation of Volvo’s eagerly awaited compact, the EX 30that the president Jim Rowan will reveal on the 7th of June. Developments are talking about a smaller, less tall SUV 4.20 meters. So the most compact model of Volkswagen ID.4 (long time 4.58) and close instead Renault Megane E-Tech (4.20) As for freedom, we are talking about an approximate distance 420 kilometers, and the battery 50 kWh. Actions that also suggest being used as a second car, for the female audience that uses these SUVs in the city. Rowan has made it clear that he is targeting price”as cheap as possible“. It is difficult to fall within the ceiling for the Italian incentive (35,000 euros plus VAT, ie 42,700) But certainly Volvo cannot fail to consider the fact that customers a 46,990 euros find the best-selling SUV in the world, the Tesla Model Y. Which, moreover, has the most important dimensions (it Height of 4.75) with better performance.