First attempt: Opel Astra (2022)

First attempt: Opel Astra (2022)

Opel Astra is brand new. And on that occasion, the Germans went big. The Compact C-segmenter – including Kadett – has been the core of the column for twelve generations, but has now been transformed from an everyday car to a model full of personality: young, beautiful and full of technology.

Thanks for Peugeot, uh, Stellantis

Following the acquisition by the French group PSA and most recently by Stellantis, Opel is taking the opportunity to update its Astra. The new wind is blowing in the German engineering department, and it seems to be coming from France. After Crossland and Grandland, Astra is the next model to switch to the standard EMP2 platform.

One caveat: the version of the platform used here – the third to be accurate – was created for power distribution. This makes this Astra the first to get the full electronic version.

Strong structure

A new generation, a new style. It applies to Astra, because it seems to no longer want to pass unnoticed. Ahead you see, for example, a new design language from Rüsselsheim: Opel Vizor. You know, that black-black radiator grille that seems to burn inside a lamp. The latter also has LED technology equipment, in any version. Best of all, the higher version has matrix lights with 168 LED components.

Additionally, flexible features take up space everywhere. Opel even takes advantage of it to add a little nostalgic touch: in the C-column, notches hit the Kadett rear window from the 1980s. In the background, horizontal light clusters enhance the sense of width. We don’t know about you, but we actually see a small part of the Golf 8 in it. In any case: the structure of the Astra can be quite different, it has been only 4 millimeters large. Wheelbase improves by not less than 13 millimeters.

Essai: Opel Astra (2022)


Those extra millimeters are obviously benefiting from the interior space. The rear space is improved and the boots are over 50 liters larger: up to 422 liters in total (352 liters per hybrid). That good news is no small feat compared with the technological revolution. For convenience: for this new generation, Opel jumps more than one level.

The horizontal and small board shelf is dominated by what Opel calls the “Clean Panel”. That is a combination of two 10-inch screens (one infotainment and one of the instrument panels) into a fully curved mirror that lets out a high-quality look. But fear not: German logic still exists – at least in Opel – because there are still physical buttons in the middle to make climate control and other functions easier. In addition to design, materials and finishes also improve.

Essai: Opel Astra (2022)

of everything

Although Opel has taken a special approach to the exterior and interior design, the engine range seems to want to please everyone. The catalog still has two gasoline and even diesel engines. That is 1.5 which is 130 hp power, while gasoline blocks 110 and 130 hp purify from 1.2 equal three cylinders.

All is well and good, but the most important force – for at least the ship’s supervisors – is hybrid. For now this is the top version, but it will soon be integrated with a more powerful variant. The current receives 180 hp from 1.6 liter petrol and an 81 kW electric motor that is integrated into an eight-speed automatic transmission. If that seems plausible, it’s because the Grandland Hybrid and the new Peugeot 308 are also using it. Astra also carries a battery: with 12.4 kWh, it provides a maximum power of 60 km. The official consumption is 1.0 l / 100 km, the average emissions of CO2 22 g / km.

Essai: Opel Astra (2022)

Autobahn, I love you so much

Although Astra shares its chassis with 308, engineers from Rüsselsheim assure us that Opel has a ‘German’ personality. We almost raised eyebrows, but along the way it turned out to be something like that. Shock absorbing is more difficult, as we are accustomed to from Opel, but comfort is no problem. Stability especially ensures stability at the maximum speed you need on the Autobahn.

The natural power of the chassis is amazing. We know the capabilities of this conventional platform, but Astra has more linear steering and a chassis layout, as well as a twisted axis. The result is a high-speed nerve drive, which always remains neutral in the corners. The front axle is slightly sharper than the Peugeot, but it is still powerful. And often we do not write that about Opel …

Essai: Opel Astra (2022)

In this dynamic driving model, the hybrid stands still because of its torque that is available almost immediately. It is found, in fact, that it plays with the traction limits of the front wheels. Obviously there is also work put into the machine, because the disease of other hybrids of the group plugin no longer affects him in Astra.

Essai: Opel Astra (2022)


The entry-level version of the new Opel Astra costs 24,150 euros, a hybrid of 36,150 euros. This makes it a little more expensive than his brother the French striker. The accessories are also very similar, making the choice between the two almost a matter of style preferences or ergonomics.

Essai: Opel Astra (2022)


The new Opel Astra may be a little cheaper than the Peugeot 308, but it certainly doesn’t have to be cheap. Thanks to its new design, powerful chassis and modern interiors, they are all set to fully reclaim its place in the C. section.


1.6 turbo gasoline, four-in-line + electric motor


8-speed automatic

Basic model price

€ 36 150.00