Ford is launching an electric car that can be used

Ford is launching an electric car that can be used

Ford has a successor ready for the Transit Custom, the Custom E-Transit. This car, the size of a Mercedes Vito or a VW Transporter, will be on the market from autumn 2023 with a 100% electric motor, although it seems that versions with thermal motors will also follow.

Production in Turkey

Ford today released the first images of the new car and proudly announced that the new model will have an electric drive. It also promises to ‘use’. With a claimed range of 380 km, Ford aims to deliver a car that offers an alternative and more advanced option for today’s diesel-obsessed professionals. In addition to this good driving range, the brand with a blue circle says that the car has a payload of 1,100 kg and can tow up to two tons. It can boost up to 125 kW using DC fast charging technology. The new car will be assembled at the Turkish production site, Ford Otosan, from the second half of next year.

Statistics for major use

Ford offers customers a choice between an electric motor producing 135 hp or 217 hp and driving the rear wheels. The torque of both versions is high at 415 Nm, which partly explains the large towing capacity of 2 tons. The battery works with a voltage of 400 Volts and is placed under the loading floor. With a storage capacity of 74 kWh, Ford promises a range of up to 380 km, which shows that the consumption is 19.4 kWh per 100 km. That is very economical for a large car that combines a large front area with a large weight. 19.4 kWh is an average consumption that is realistic today for a small SUV from the C segment. However, Ford promises energy-saving technologies such as a heat pump and single-pedal drive to regenerate as much energy as possible during deceleration.

Partnership with VW

In terms of design, the large radiator grille and the economical LED lighting are particularly striking. Ford says that this car is on an entirely new platform. It seems like this E-Transit Custom will also be created in cooperation with Volkswagen, because the production of the next Transporter will also move to Turkey. This approach is not surprising because the more compact Transit Connect is nothing more or less than a Volkswagen Caddy with a Ford nose.