Formula 1: Alonso hammer is a slap in the face for Mercedes

Formula 1: Alonso hammer is a slap in the face for Mercedes

Fernando Alonso continues to drive in Formula 1. The Spaniard has extended his contract with Aston Martin until 2026. This means that there is one top driver on the market and the switch to Mercedes is now a thing of the past.

Fernando Alonso’s stay at Aston Martin speaks volumes. Mercedes was once so attractive that almost every driver in Formula 1 would want to move there, but that’s no longer the case. Mercedes’ position has suffered greatly.

Formula 1: Alonso cancels Mercedes and extends contract with Aston Martin

Since the rule change in 2022, Mercedes has been behind in Formula 1. The racing team is unable to find horsepower on the track. The Silver Arrows have been fighting the car for over two years and have already changed a lot – but it just doesn’t work. Team boss Toto Wolff now looks helpless and desperate.

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This is not a good starting point for Mercedes to look for a new driver for the 2025 season. In addition to Max Verstappen, Fernando Alonso was also on the list, but the Spaniard has now carefully decided against a move to Mercedes.

Even before the Japanese doctor, Alonso said that Mercedes “was not attractive”. The problems of the former top team cannot be ignored – and this means that an experienced driver like Alonso does not believe that things will change in the near future. He sees the best opportunity at Aston Martin – and therefore did not hesitate for long to extend his contract.

“I wanted to continue driving for Aston Martin and Aston Martin wanted me to keep my seat. If both parties want it, then at some point we will meet,” says Alonso about the extension of his contract. There were talks with other teams, but they were not real.

“This is where I felt needed and appreciated the most”

“In my head, Aston Martin was the wisest and best choice. This is where I felt needed and appreciated the most,” emphasizes Alonso. Mercedes would probably have been the second choice, because team boss Wolff has recently been courting world champion Max Verstappen.

In addition, Alonso is convinced of the Aston Martin project: “The team is making progress. Of course, things are not going fast enough in Formula 1, it is a very demanding sport and a challenging environment. But 18 months ago, 22 months ago, we still had The old Jordan factory. Now we’re a tenth up or down with the top teams. That kind of progress is really something about this project, with all its ambitions. That’s something different because I want to be a part of it.”

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