Formula 1: Ferrari results because of Hamilton?  “It’s gonna end badly”

Formula 1: Ferrari results because of Hamilton? “It’s gonna end badly”

With the signing of Lewis Hamilton for next season, Ferrari caused an early stir. With Hamilton’s departure, it seemed clear that it would be Carlos Sainz’s final Formula 1 season for Ferrari at the time.

Before the season, however, it was not expected that the Spaniard would start the new season with a rocket. Sainz is the man of the hour, reaching the podium in all three races he has run. In Australia, a Formula 1 driver even ended up on the microphone.

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Since then, doubts about whether parting with Sainz at the end of the season was the right decision may have grown at Ferrari. The Spaniard was able to beat teammate Charles Leclerc in all three races and was convincing throughout.

Now former Ferrari director Toni Cuquerella has commented on the current situation surrounding Sainz. The former Formula 1 star engineer made it clear that the decision made could have disastrous consequences at the end of the season.

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“I think the current performance of Sainz makes some people at Ferrari think if he really did the right thing. “Whoever made the decision to just let Sainz go after the season could have a difficult end of the year,” the Spaniard said clearly.

Sainz with new speed in a new car

Sainz’s performance this young season is undoubtedly impressive. Unlike Leclerc, he seems to be able to fully engage with the car. Sainz’s best record in the current Formula 1 season is twice third place and once first place. Leclerc finished third once and second once.

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According to Spanish journalist Antonio Lobato, Sainz is said to have fine-tuned the car during the winter break to achieve better results. So far this plan has worked perfectly. And Ferrari bosses may have their doubts.