Formula 1: swipe at Red Bull?  Alonso clearly written after the hammer of the contract

Formula 1: swipe at Red Bull? Alonso clearly written after the hammer of the contract

In the last few days and weeks, Fernando Alonso has been in the spotlight as another Formula 1 driver. On the one hand because of his strong performances in recent races, but also because of the rumors of a move to Red Bull.

According to several media outlets, Red Bull is said to have the Spanish Formula 1 veteran on its roster for next year. But Alonso has now extended his contract with Aston Martin and made it clear that his focus was always on his team.

Formula 1: Alonso at Aston Martin again next year

Alonso signed a new contract with Aston Martin on Thursday (April 11), making his commitment clear to Lawrence Stroll’s racing team. His new working paper is valid until 2026. So he will continue to drive in Formula 1 in the coming years.

As the Spaniard emphasized after the deal was announced, this decision was not difficult for him despite his advanced age of 42. “It feels like a natural decision for me to continue – and to do it with Aston Martin,” Alonso says.

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“I wanted to continue driving for Aston Martin and Aston Martin wanted me to keep my seat. If both sides want it, then at some point we will meet,” the 42-year-old said clearly. This could also be a small swipe at Red Bull. Finally, He insists he just wanted to stay with Aston Martin.He revealed the new deal had been planned for a few weeks.

“It wasn’t that hard”

“It was easy. I don’t think much has changed since we spoke at the car launch in February. “I just needed a race or a few more weeks to think if I was ready to commit to Formula 1 for a few more years,” he explained, referring to contract negotiations with Aston Martin.

“System 1 takes all your time and energy, you basically have to drop everything to continue the race. “I just wanted to pray with myself about whether I was still ready for it,” he added candidly.

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“But as soon as I made that decision, I think it was right after Australia, I sat down with Aston, as I said in February: that this was my first priority and yes, it was not very difficult. I think we all wanted the same thing,” says Alonso