Fred Vasseur (Alfa Romeo): The first question about an accident / Formula 1

Fred Vasseur (Alfa Romeo): The first question about an accident / Formula 1

The Guanyu Zhou accident in China in Silverstone was shocking. Thanks to Halo for the hat – the Alfa Romeo driver was not harmed. Alfa Romeo team boss Fred Vasseur looks back.

Alfa Romeo driver Guanyu Zhou provided detailed information about his tragic accident in the Silverstone area of ​​Austria. Team boss Fred Vasseur says: “Guanyu’s mental powers impressed us all. He returned to us in a hole in the middle of the race after being discharged from a slope hospital and his first question was – did we have enough places for him to run in Austria. Strange: he survived such an accident and is already thinking about the next race!

The 54-year-old Frenchman continues: “Honestly, I was not a fan of Halo’s head covering at first. But I was wrong.” Zhou himself still believes: “Halo saved my life.”

As usual in the case of a fatal accident, the world sports car association FIA has launched an investigation. Says Fred Vasseur: “Many people felt that the overturned building had been damaged during the demolition. According to our data, the load on the so-called ‘roll hoop’ was twice the FIA ​​limit we should face in an accident attempt. “

“The hoop has carved a long mark on the pavement, four to five centimeters deep. No matter what the highest values ​​are in the attempt to stop working, we will have an accident every time these values ​​increase. And that will lead to improved security in the area.”

“For me, the worst feeling of an accident remains: the car’s protective functions worked, the driver remained unharmed. And among those security features is that we didn’t have any gas spills. I can’t imagine what would have happened if it had started to burn.”