Fynn Kratochwil: “Added to the GP Intact community” / cycle

Fynn Kratochwil: “Added to the GP Intact community” / cycle

Fynn Kratochwil had a strong performance at the MiniGP World Final in Valencia. The 12-year-old has planned an extensive training program for 2023, which he is now receiving support from the Intact GP team.

Fynn Kratochwil has been on two wheels since he was four years old. In 2019 he achieved his first success with the championship title at the ADAC Pocketbike Cup. Recently, the 12-year-old won the Austrian MiniGP Series, after which he was invited to the FIM MiniGP World Final in Valencia.

In Spain, the curly head impressed his opponents with his speed and driving talent. “I was very happy in Spain,” exclaimed the young man. “Dirk Heidolf and Gustl Auinger showed me that all the drivers are just boiling water and that I should be calm and pay attention. Dirk also told me to do my own thing and not back down in front of anyone. Then I got better from training to training.” With two second places and one third place, he won the international championship and took the MiniGP runner-up title in remarkable fashion.

His performances have brought Fynn to the attention of the Intact GP team, who are now dedicated to the development of the high school student. “I was accepted into the Intact community, which I’m very grateful for. The whole team and KTM were there for the MiniGP final and they kept their fingers crossed for me. I’d like to thank Intact GP and I’m looking forward to training with other young riders in the community for the first time.”

The upcoming young driver has a full schedule for the 2023 season. “I will drive the ADAC MiniGP series. In addition, we want to start in the Austrian MiniGP Series in the 190 ccm class and a complete newcomer to start in the 160 ccm class. Participation in the MiniGP Alpe Adria and MiniGP The Netherlands is also back on the agenda. If everything goes well, we will do the first test at Moto4 in Spain,” Kratochwil explained in an interview with SPEEDWEEK.com.

Father Jan reveals what path is planned for Fynn in the coming years. “We want to go the ‘Road to MotoGP’ route, because that’s where Dorna sees and develops his talents. Of course every young racer wants to get into Moto3 and then MotoGP. So is Fynn and that’s the way we’re going.”