Genesis expands the portfolio with the “Magma” performance electric vehicle.

Genesis expands the portfolio with the “Magma” performance electric vehicle.

Genesis has unveiled its new concept car, the Genesis Neolun, and the Magma performance series at the Genesis House event in New York. The Magma Series aims to redefine the boundaries of performance and luxury. The aim is to develop a high-performance variant under the Magma label for each model in the current range to reduce their aesthetics and functionality for gaming. The GV60 Magma, which was presented for the first time, has been put into production.

Genesis Chief Creative Officer Luc Donckerwolke revealed at the event that the brand plans to introduce experimental concepts that focus on technical and aesthetic aspects. While speed and performance are important, the Magma product line focuses on the driving experience.

Beginning | Genesis GV60 Magma

The GV60 Magma is the evolution of the GV60, Genesis’ first electric model, with improved battery and motor technology. This concept car is the first step towards creating a deep emotional connection between the driver and the car. The design of the GV60 Magma combines aesthetic considerations with technical requirements for chassis, aerodynamics and thermodynamics. To increase stability when driving a sports car, the car was made wider and lower. At the front, larger and deeper air intakes improve cooling for the battery, engine and brakes, while air vents increase aerodynamic efficiency.

Extended fenders and integrated outlets improve brake cooling. The 21-inch wheels in titanium color are equipped with aero discs that also contribute to cooling. Fins on the roof provide a controlled aerodynamic flow that is directed to the rear wing to produce downforce. The interior design of the GV60 Magma is intended to reflect the sporty and luxurious exterior design. It includes bucket seats with backrests in body color, covered in nappa leather and suede in Magma orange and titanium gray.

In addition to the GV60 Magma, three other cars from the Magma program were also presented: the GV80 CoupĂ© concept, the G80 Magma Special and the X Gran Berlinetta concept – all of which can be seen in the cover photo. The GV80 Coupe Concept, Genesis’ first SUV, was introduced for the first time in April 2023 and is the brand’s first vehicle in the Magma color. The G80 Magma Special, the most powerful version of the G80, is offered only in the Middle East.

Source: Genesis – press release dated March 26, 2024