Harrison Ford returns to the screen at the age of 80 with a new Indiana Jones and two sequels

Harrison Ford returns to the screen at the age of 80 with a new Indiana Jones and two sequels

At the age of 80 and the owner of unforgettable characters like Han Solo, Indiana Jones and Deckard, Harrison Ford he may be relaxing on his farm in Wyoming. The truth, however, is that he is as busy as ever. He spent eight months making the film Indiana Jones and the Call of DestinyThe fifth adventure of the adventurous archaeologist, directed by James Mangold and is scheduled to be released in June. He made his debut as a regular character in a television series there 1923prequel to yellowstonetogether Helen Mirren – in Brazil from the day February 5 at Paramount+. and stars talk to the realhis first comedy series – a rare comedy in his career -, which is coming Apple TV+ this Friday, the 27th, and its first two episodes. Another eight premieres every week on Fridays.

“It is very encouraging to see him, at that age, challenging himself every day,” he said in an interview with Estadão The producer Bill Lawrenceknown for development Ted Lasso and Jason Sudeikis, Brendan Hunt and Joe Kelly. “He called me a few minutes ago and said he was going to do a Marvel production. And I said, ‘Harrison, have you seen these movies? What are you doing?’.” Ford will be in the next movie captain america.

But what would Ford see inside talk to the real? Comedy comes with a pedigree. It is the creation of Lawrence, Brett Goldstein (Winner of two Emmys for his portrayal of Roy Kent in Ted Lasso) and Jason Segel (actor of How I Met Your Mother) Segel is Jimmy Laird, a psychiatrist struggling to cope with the loss of his wife. He ignores his daughter, young Alice (Luke Maxwell), gets involved with women and abuses alcohol. Laird works at the Paul Rhoades Clinic (ford), where he is a colleague of Gaby Evans (Jessica Williams) When Jimmy needs to take care of Sean (Luke Tenny), a former soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress, decides to use unconventional methods, trying to heal himself while helping others. Christa Miller plays Liz, Jimmy and Alice’s grumpy neighbor, who ends up being a sort of foster mother to the girl.

As expected, talk to the real shares some DNA with Ted Lasso, in a mix of comedy and drama – it’s not unusual for a football coach and his gang to make the viewer laugh and cry at the same time. “My whole career, I’ve done comedy with great voices,” Lawrence said. But he admitted that it was very difficult to discuss the production of Scrubswhich ran between 2001 and 2010. “The comedy series at the time was Friends, seinfeld.”


It wasn’t much different from Ted Lasso. Lawrence and Sudeikis tried to sell the idea to several companies, and the only one that bought it was Apple TV+. But the success of Ted Lasso certainly enabled the existence of talk to the real. “I think it’s in the zeitgeist (the spirit of the time) right now because people are busy with certain things and are open to the idea. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have gone around saying it was a comedy about a young widower who is a bad father.”

For Goldstein, everyone suffers from grief, loss and trauma. “And my experience of looking at how people deal with it is that there’s always humor and lightness and love. There’s a positive side to grief. And to me that’s interesting to explore, whether it’s serious or humorous.”

In the past few years, this approach seems to be very effective, according to Jason Segel. “We have been in a period of constant mourning for a long time and not only because of this epidemic, but because of the loss of normality, because many things have been strange recently,” the actor noted.

And he goes further with this definition: “We all mourn the lack of security, of well-being. It is a real sense of loss. And I think that talk to the real it assumes that no one is right now. This is a great way to connect with the viewer.”

Another thing similar to Ted Lasso is that talk to the real introduces male characters who reveal their weaknesses, even if with some effort. “It’s important to see a man struggling and working to get mentally healthy,” he admitted. Luke Tenny. “I don’t think it’s just positive, but it’s important.”

Already in the evaluation of Brett Goldstein, there was no plan to show other forms of masculinity. “It’s just us, so it comes through in what we create,” he said. Jason Segel also always preferred men who didn’t conform to stereotypes, as seen in love hangover (2008), his first film release. “It’s not an attempt to overturn, I’m just talking about how I experience things.”

Like Goldstein’s Roy Kent, Harrison Ford’s Paul Rhoades is also gruff and hard to smile. The character is confused with the appearance of the star himself, who, however, always showed humor in his works.

“He was always funny,” Bill Lawrence assured. “I didn’t have the opportunity to be funny in a more permanent way.” On the set, those who worked with him communicated with this part. “It’s hard to make him laugh, you have to fight. But when it comes, it’s a surprise. And he himself really likes jokes”, revealed Jessica Williams.

Positive response from Harrison Ford The invitation surprised Lawrence. “And it’s one of the most important things in my career that he said yes,” admitted the producer. In the first part, which was already written before the meeting with the actor, Paul was in only a few scenes. With a wink, the star said: “But if I accept, I’ll be seen in a lot more, right?”.

The answer, of course, was yes. And now the audience will have the opportunity to see Harrison Ford’s car like never before. Proof that the veteran actor is still looking for new things to do.

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