Hello America!  Cupra is going overseas.  This year, on the other hand, is a festival of first performances

Hello America! Cupra is going overseas. This year, on the other hand, is a festival of first performances

Cupra has had a great year behind it, and the brand has even stronger months ahead. Soon we will know many new models, including the hybrid Terramara. In turn, at the end of the decade, this Spanish company intends to take its first steps in the USA.

  • Cupra is preparing two big shows for this year: the Terramar model, which we will see soon, and the Tavascan, which will be available in showrooms soon.
  • Furthermore, major facelifts of key models are on the way: Leon, Formentor and Born
  • At the end of the decade, Cupra wants to enter the American market – it will release two completely new models there

Separating the Cupra from the Seat was a very good move. The Spanish brand has finally achieved what Seat has failed to do for years. Cupra has acquired an image of a stylish and sporty company that appeals to young people. His cars perform like hotcakes, regardless of the engine under the hood. And the coming months and years promise to be very intense for this manufacturer.

Two new products will hit the streets this year. Facelifts for all models are also on the way. A major revolution will also come at the end of this decade.

Cupra will put two new models on the road this year: the Terramar and the Tavascan

The latter is already known to us – it saw the light of day at the end of last year. Terramar, on the other hand, is undergoing final tests and will start in the coming weeks. This is going to be a really interesting model, because it puts the plug-in hybrid driver first. Therefore, the offer will fill the space between Ateca, Formentor and Leon.

The latter two models will be shown for the first time in the refreshed version. Cupra has developed a completely new style for the front fascia. Changes will probably also include the interior, although here they will not be major.

We should see it next year CuprÄ™ was born and a new face. Here, too, major changes will include the shape of the lights and grill. In addition, it will make its first “underbody”. APP550 engineand will be powered by a new battery.

The decision to debut in the United States is a big surprise. Cupra will offer two models there

The first game abroad is scheduled for around 2030, which means that … Spanish brand, there is still a lot of time to prepare. However, what is certain is that the second generation Formentor (in an electric version) will appear in the United States, along with a large SUV made especially for this market.