Honda has a big goal: “To be champion with Aston Martin in 2026” –

Honda has a big goal: “To be champion with Aston Martin in 2026” –

In 2026, Honda will become the new engine partner of the Aston Martin F1 team and the Japanese immediately have an ambitious goal that they want to achieve: to become world champions.

Honda announced in 2021 that it would end its partnership with Red Bull Racing and that they would say goodbye to Formula 1. Remarkably, no less than five world titles have been won since that announcement: three drivers’ titles and two constructors’ world titles. A remarkable success that has caused Honda to retrace its steps.

At Red Bull they have now decided that Ford will be the new engine partner from 2026 and Honda so they had to find another team to supply the engine. Aston Martin will be a new partner from 2026 and Honda’s expectations have risen rapidly because they believe in the ambitions of team owner Lawrence Stroll.

“Passion and strong leadership to fight for the world title in 2026,” said Koji Watanabe, president of the Honda Racing Company, on the main reason why they are teaming up with Aston Martin.

“To be world champion from 2026,” Watanabe says of the goal he and Honda have, although he recognizes that Honda still has a lot of work to do. “However, we must set clear goals to achieve the best together with Aston Martin.”

“That’s why, along with Mr. Stroll and Mr. Mibe (Executive Director of Hond aRacing Company), we set the goal of winning the world title that year. However, I realize that this will not be easy in practice.