IDM SBK ’24: no rear grid – double Superpole / IDM Superbike

IDM SBK ’24: no rear grid – double Superpole / IDM Superbike

As the season draws to a close, the top tier of IDM will feature a new qualifying mode for the starting grid. Starting positions will be decided on Friday.

The rear grid replacement process used in IDM Superbike in recent years has gained fewer and fewer enthusiastic followers, especially in the last year. Based on the results from race 1, the starting grid for race 2 was determined. Among other things, the podium finishers from race 1 ended up on the third row of the grid in the afternoon race. Since the winning drivers were not too slow in the second run, there was a lot of tension, especially in the first parts of the race. This is now over, also at the request of many drivers.

Therefore, a change compared to the 2023 season is the determination of the starting position in the Superbike class The starting grid positions in the race will be determined in two 15-minute Superpole periods. Already on Friday, in the first half-hour Superpole practice, the 12 fastest drivers will qualify for Superpole 2, where the front starting positions will be claimed.

All other drivers have to fight for their starting positions in Superpole 1. In addition, the fastest three from Superpole 1 can also participate in Superpole 2, which means that they maintain their position of one of the top positions. This means that starting positions 1-15 are based on Superpole 2, all starting positions are decided in Superpole 1. The drivers then hold the starting position for both races.

New tire rules

The volume of the tires was also adjusted. From now on, eight tires are available for each IDM weekend in the Supersport class. In the Superbike class, the range is divided into front and rear tires. Superbike teams can use four front and five rear tires per event, while the top three finishers from Superpole 1 can use an additional rear tire.

Changes in FIM

Further modifications were also made to achieve greater consistency with FIM regulations. Early starts will be assessed according to FIM guidelines and rain on the grid system for the start phase has been established. “The promoter of IDM is following its claim to provide the drivers and teams with a professional environment and to ensure a level playing field,” said the leaders.