Indiana cop stops car, learns man is wanted for robbery

Indiana cop stops car, learns man is wanted for robbery

Indiana State Police Officer Phil Long was patrolling a rural highway when he noticed a car matching the description of one stolen from a local convenience store. He stopped the vehicle, and upon approaching the driver he discovered that the man had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for armed robbery.

Officer Long had been on the lookout for the vehicle since responding to the report of the theft, and his diligence paid off. The suspect, who had been on the run for days, was apprehended without incident and taken into custody.

The accused had reportedly entered the convenience store wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a ski mask, brandishing a handgun. He had fled with the cash register, but had not been seen since.

Thanks to Officer Long’s keen eye and commitment to public safety, a suspect was apprehended who had put the community at risk with his criminal activity. The suspect is facing multiple charges, including robbery and illegal possession of a firearm.

The Indiana State Police Department commends Officer Long for his dedication to upholding the law and for preventing further acts of criminal activity.

Officer Long’s astute observations and unwavering commitment to protecting the public from dangerous criminals exemplifies the level of dedication necessary to ensure public safety.