Ingram Street auto dealership destroyed by fire in 1923

Ingram Street auto dealership destroyed by fire in 1923

On the morning of June 16, 1923, the Ingram Street auto dealership was engulfed in flames as a result of a devastating fire. Located in downtown Seattle, Washington, the dealership was known for its extensive selection of luxury cars, including the popular Ford Model T.

The blaze, which began at approximately 9 a.m., originated in one of the service bays and quickly spread throughout the building, consuming everything in its path. One eyewitness described the scene: “It was a terrible sight. The flames were leaping high in the air and the smoke was so thick you couldn’t see. The sound was deafening, like a thousand thunderstorms all at once.”

Firefighters worked diligently to put out the fire, but they were unable to contain the blaze. In less than an hour, the entire building had been destroyed. In total, more than two dozen cars were lost in the blaze, totaling an estimated loss of more than $250,000.

The cause of the fire was never determined, though some speculated that faulty wiring may have been the culprit. However, due to the severity of the fire, it was impossible to determine the exact source.

The loss of the Ingram Street auto dealership was a devastating blow to Seattle’s auto industry. The dealership had been a staple of the city for over 15 years, and its destruction left a gaping hole in the local economy. To this day, the loss of the dealership is still mourned by locals.

Though the Ingram Street auto dealership is no more, its legacy will continue to live on in the memories of those who knew and loved it.