Inowrocław – Test: Jeep Wrangler.  Long live freedom and independence!  –

Inowrocław – Test: Jeep Wrangler. Long live freedom and independence! –

I waited almost four months for the Wrangler test. I waited impatiently for three reasons. The first is that I like the American car industry, the second – because of the test Rebel I liked to drive off-road, and three – because the Wrangler is legendary. In short – I looked forward to the day of taking this car, like a few others before.

First impressions? Generous size. At 4.88 meters long, 1.89 meters wide and 1.83 meters tall, the Wrangler looks impressive. My test car is the 80th Anniversary 5-door from 2021 which is a plug-in hybrid. The Wrangler didn’t follow the same path as the newest Land Rover Defender, which broke with the old look of its predecessor.


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And that is good news. The latest Wrangler looks like … every time. Culturally. The front has round headlights (LED) and a traditional grille. The 18-inch wheels hide the powerfully protruding wheel arches. The door is narrow and the windshield is small. At the back, of course, there is a spare wheel on the rear door that opens horizontally and a separate window. The silhouette is reminiscent of the Mercedes G-Class.



fighter 4

Getting behind the wheel requires a little climbing. 24 cm of ground clearance does their job. Fortunately, there are thresholds that make it easier to get inside. The cabin itself is quite narrow. The driver is sitting very close to the door. In off-road vehicles it is useful – just lean your head out of the window to see what is going on outside.

The driving position is very high. It’s hard to find one like this in any SUV. What you can see through the windshield is a solid bonnet, but you also need to remember about the bumper that protrudes about half a meter.



The Wrangler is already a well-equipped car as usual. My copy had leather, 2-zone air conditioning, dual cameras, an 8.4-inch screen, heated seats, a good sound system and a few other amenities, such as cruise control or smartphone connectivity. The dashboard is vertical and made of quality materials. A roof without a soffit looks quite strange, but it has its rights, which will be discussed a little later.





ok let’s go

The first trip to the street with the Wrangler gives the feeling that we were going to hit the road with something between a passenger car and a small truck. The extremely high driving position, the angular bodywork and what sits under the hood are factors that contribute to this feeling.

These are the times when the Wrangler has become a hybrid. A plug-in hybrid, that is, one that can be charged at home and travel several kilometers on electricity alone. More precisely, we have a 2-liter gasoline engine with 270 HP and two electric motors, including one as a starter with a total power of 145 HP.




The whole kit offers impressive parameters in the form of 381 HP and 637 Nm of course with all-wheel drive. Wrangler, although it weighs 2.4 tons, accelerates from zero to hundreds in 6.4 seconds. This is 0.1 second faster than the one I tested recently. Skoda Kodiaq RS.

Jeep does not like to speed more than 100 km / h. Although it has a lot of power and no matter how much we have on the meter, it always moves forward easily, the idea of ​​precise driving is foreign to it. Here a lot also depends on the tires (I used Cooper Weather-Master wsc 265/65 R18). Driving on the highway is tiring because of the loud noise from the wind. It is not surprising, after all, the silhouette of this car resembles a wardrobe on wheels, so we do not need aerodynamics here, as in an SUV. This is more like TIR.


However, the Wrangler will not get minuses from me for this small inconvenience, because it is not a highway car. It’s as if I’m accusing Ferrari of not being able to drive it on the beach.

Is the Wrangler suitable for daily riding? As long as we don’t travel hundreds of kilometers on the highway every day, it’s fine. Driving in the city and occasionally on the road, the off-road Jeep should prove itself, although the way the car behaves or the suspension work will not be to everyone’s taste. The big advantage is that it overcomes curbs, speed bumps and other urban obstacles almost imperceptibly.

When the asphalt gets holes in it, or better yet, the asphalt ends, the fun begins. This is the natural environment in which this car was created. The driver has a ground clearance of 24 cm and an impressive depth of 76 cm. In the 80th Anniversary edition, next to the lever from the automatic 8-speed gearbox, there is one more – from the choice of driving modes. We have at our disposal, among others 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel drive and reducer. There is a protective plate under the transfer case and fuel tank. The approach angle is 35.4 degrees and the departure angle is 30.8 degrees. For this 381 hp and 637 Nm. Questions? Watch the video below or here in better resolution.

I drove the Wrangler on dirt roads, forests, hills, sand and sand-covered hills. The road characteristics of this car are amazing. Regardless of the type of surface, Wrangler gave the impression that it can handle any obstacle. I also managed to complete the steep climb that Renegade had left a year earlier.




There is a saying that the better the SUV, the more you have to go to the tractor. I was going to get a tractor after being buried in a field in an SUV. With the Wrangler, I went places I wouldn’t have dared to go Santa Fe, DusterKodiaqiem, or X-Trailem. You can ask all the tractor drivers in this area if they helped me get the Jeep out. I promise you won’t find one.


Added value

The sunset, the sandy beach, the sound of the sea, your favorite music in 552 watt speakers, and you run straight, like in an American movie. It’s true that instead of Miami Beach, you run from Mielno to Mielenko or from Dziwnów to Dziwnowek, but it’s still fun. What more could you want? At this point, Jeep engineers said “hold me a beer.”

Remember how I mentioned the lack of a soffit? Who needs a headrest if you can build a Jeep convertible in half a minute, because that’s how long it takes to remove the front of the roof. In addition, no tools are required for this operation. This is just the beginning of the fun. In the glove compartment I found a set of keys that will allow you to remove the rest of the back of the roof. There are only 8 screws to unscrew, and moving the roof is a two-man job.

A little? The included kit also allows you to remove the … door. Well, from the beginning. Sunset, sandy beach, the sound of the sea, your favorite music in 552 watt speakers, and you run straight, like in an American movie … it doesn’t matter which beach, and you don’t have a roof or a door. . And all this in a series car without the need for a service visit or the use of an angle grinder. A gem.

Hybrid Park

In terms of off-road characteristics, the hybrid car does not adversely affect the Wrangler. The only drawback in this context is the significantly increased weight of the car, by 300 kg. The battery with a capacity of 17.3 kWh, after more than 7 hours of charging from a standard household outlet, theoretically allows you to travel up to 50 km. In my test , I got a result of 33 km twice. A much lower result than the promised one is probably the result of driving the car not very economically on the road at a speed of about 100 km / h.

see insta

With the power reserve, the Wrangler goes without noise. The sound generator makes itself felt only at low speeds, its purpose is to warn pedestrians that a car is approaching them. This is loud and loud in the cabin too. Once calm, zipping through forest trails without the noise of an internal combustion engine is a great experience. We have four-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive.

fighter 3

People who can pay for a car in their own garage can drive a Wrangler very cheaply, especially if they use electricity from photovoltaics. It is a pity that the 2022 price list does not include a non-hybrid version, because although it is a good solution, for a block host who does not have a place to pay for the car, the plug-in is not very useful. However, I am sure that for ardent fans of this model, it will not be an obstacle and, with their eyes closed, they will pay extra for the hybrid, because they have no other choice.

In terms of fuel consumption, a lot depends on the driving style and how often we charge the car. With the battery released at 140 km / h, Wrangler needed 12.5 l / 100 km, at 120 km / h – 11 l / 100 km. In the city without electricity, Jeep used from 9 to 11 l / 100 km. A smooth ride on the road is the result of around 9 l / 100 km. Of course, even after the battery is depleted, the car often uses electric motors, which charge frequently, for example when braking.





The 80th Anniversary Edition was released last year to commemorate “1941”, when the first Jeep entered the US Army. There are currently two versions on offer – Sahara and Rubicon. The latter is distinguished by the best adaptation of off-road driving. Speech inclusive. with 32-inch MT tires, different reduction ratios, 1 cm more ground clearance, or better approach and departure angles.

fighter 1

good curiosity (4)

A legendary price

In terms of the angular, fixed silhouette, protruding hinges, metal door hinges, high driving position and off-road characteristics, the Jeep Wrangler reminded me. Mercedes G-ClassI had the opportunity to spend a few hours with less than two years ago. The car really impressed me. Is there a bigger difference in the Conqueror? The G-Class is full of luxury inside, with a 4-liter V8 under the hood. The Mercedes I drove cost 700,000. zlotys and then I thought it was worth spending every zloty.

Currently you have to pay 330-340 thousand for Wrangler. PLN and although it is a large amount, the amount of pleasure that this car gives the driver is worth it.



The Jeep Wrangler is a car that still maintains a slightly different vision of driving. Here, getting from point A to point B is better when we take not the easiest, but the most demanding road. It is a car that, like anything else, allows you to feel freedom and no limitations. It’s authentic, legendary, original, American, and has taken the top spot on my list of 61 other cars tested so far.

Price list 2022:
Capture image in full screen 04/16/2022 093358.bmp

Thank you FCA Polska for making the car available for testing.