Jeep Avenger 4xe (2024): The smallest Jeep gets all-wheel drive

Jeep Avenger 4xe (2024): The smallest Jeep gets all-wheel drive

Pasta carbonara is only pasta carbonara if you make it with egg yolks, pecorino cheese and guanciale bacon. And try to use pasta other than spaghetti. The same can be said about the Jeep and the four-wheel drive. With its front-wheel drive, the Avenger was not yet a true Jeep. That now changes with the Jeep Avenger 4xe.

Jeep first showed the Avenger in its electric form in 2022. Last year we also received a petrol version in the Netherlands. Last month there was an update with a third drive option: the aggressive Avenger hybrid. For this 4xe there is also a four-wheel drive Avenger. Odd: Other Jeeps with the 4xe badge are PHEVs, but this Avenger is a hybrid.

Unfortunately, there are no images of the new version yet. We just get to see the sketch above of the Avenger 4xe playing in the mud. The front bumper looks a little touched up – thanks in part to the green accents – and there are roof rails, but otherwise little seems to have changed in design.

Details of Jeep Avenger 4xe

A 136 hp combustion engine (36 hp more powerful than the gasoline Avenger and E-Hybrid) is combined with two electric motors, each delivering 29 hp to both axles. Power goes through a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Thanks to the 48-volt smooth-hybrid system, you can run fully electric if you take it easy.

You can order one from Jeep in late 2024. Jeep is keeping the prices of the Avenger 4xe under wraps for now. You are now spending at least 29,698 euros (24,000 euros in Belgium) for the petrol version of the Avenger. The hybrid version with front-wheel drive goes for at least 32,700 euros (26,000 euros in Belgium) and the EV for 38,500 euros (37,500 euros in Belgium).

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